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The Riders-On-Watch (ROW) scheme was launched on 2 July 2019. It is part of Public Transport Security Command’s Community Engagement Programme (CEP). ROW volunteers act as additional ‘eyes and ears’ for the Police during their commute on public transport nodes by keeping watch for suspicious persons or activities and provide valuable information to the Police when needed. These volunteers receive the latest crime trends and security issues affecting the public transport system via SMS and share such crime and security information to their family members, friends and neighbours, creating a more informed community.

Why wait? Sign-up now to be a ROW volunteer. Encourage your friends and family members, especially if they use the public transport as the primary mode of transportation, to join us as a ROW volunteer. Click here and do your part to keep the Public Transport Network safe and secure!

FAQs on Riders-On-Watch scheme

A: ‘Riders On Watch’ (ROW) scheme is part of TransCom’s Community Engagement Programme, where the Police taps on ROW volunteers to act as eyes and ears of the Police during their daily routine when they commute on public transport (i.e. Bus, MRT trains, LRT trains, Bus Interchanges and MRT train stations).

A: You may register your interest with us when you spot our TransCom officers who will be around Singapore MRT train stations or Bus interchanges engaging and giving out postcards. Alternatively, you can also click here to register your interest with us.

A: No. This card is only a token of appreciation for joining us. It does not have the function to validate one’s identity.

A: We welcome any riders travelling in public transport network to join us in this scheme.

A: You will be part of a community that will help Singapore fight crime and prevent terrorism.

A: Crime Alert Information in the form of Short Message Sent (SMS) or Whatsapp Broadcast [akin to a Multimedia Message Sent (MMS)] will be shared with you. With this information, you can play a vital role in looking out for suspicious persons/activities/items and provide valuable information to the Police.

A: You should approach the MRT station staff or call 999 immediately. Do not engage the suspicious persons or handle the items.

A: Members of this programme can assist the Police anywhere and everywhere at any time whenever they are in the public transport system. Thus, there will not be any fixed working hours.

A: There is no requirement to fulfil any minimum term of service for this scheme.

A: You can contact TransCom’s Community Engagement Officers at 68485047/68485091 or email us at /

A: You do not need to attend any trainings or classes. E-learning package about ‘Riders On Watch’ (ROW) scheme can be found here.

A: Riders On Watch (ROW) volunteers will not be armed. Volunteers are encouraged to contact the relevant authorities when they see or hear anything suspicious.
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