In 2020, the Singapore Police Force (SPF) marked 200 years of policing in Singapore (SPF200) with a series of commemorative events throughout the year.

Formed in May 1820, the SPF is one of the oldest government organisations in Singapore. From our humble beginnings of a 12-man team, led by Francis James Bernard, we have grown from strength to strength, in tandem with the nation.

Today, we are a strong Force of 15,000 regular officers, civilian staff and Full-time Police National Servicemen, augmented by volunteer police officers and Operationally Ready Police National Servicemen, that has kept Singapore as one of the safest countries in the world.

We remain committed to safeguarding Singapore every day and continue to work closely with our partners and the community to prevent, deter and detect crime.


SPF200 Awareness Banner


The year-long SPF200 aims to:

Commemorate - Excellence and Heritage

As we mark this bicentennial milestone, we reflect on our significant role and contributions to Singapore’s transformation, from its early years to the nation that it is today. We are proud to celebrate SPF200 with the community. We hope that the commemorative events will improve the public’s understanding of our journey, and showcase the evolution of the Police’s capabilities over the years.

Strengthen - Pride and Identity of Police Officers

As a Force for the Nation, we uphold the values of courage, loyalty, integrity and fairness. We pledge and renew our commitment to continue to serve our community with professionalism and humanity, and to safeguard Singapore every day. SPF200 is also a time for us to pay tribute to officers past and present for their contributions and sacrifices in safeguarding Singapore, including officers who had lost their lives in the line of duty.

Value - Community Contributions

Partnering the community in our mission to prevent, deter and detect crime has been a key thrust of the SPF. We want to thank and appreciate the community for their continued trust and support. We hope that SPF200 will further strengthen and deepen the police-community bond. 

Inspire - Future Generations

We endeavour to nurture and inspire future generations of police officers who will continue to carry our legacy into the next 200 years and beyond.


SPF200 Tagline

Saluting the Past, Safeguarding the Future

"Saluting the Past" is about commemorating the SPF's legacy, and paying homage to our history, heritage and achievements. We also reflect on the journey of how we have grown and evolved from strength to strength. We thank and appreciate the community for partnering us in our efforts to prevent, deter and detect crime over the last 200 years.

"Safeguarding the future" reaffirms our enduring commitment to be a Force for the Nation, to safeguard our nation every day and make Singapore the safest place in the world. It expresses our confidence in a strong police-community partnership, and in future generations of police officers to bring our legacy into the next 200 years and beyond.


SPF200 Logo


The SPF200 logo was designed with elements distinctive to SPF's identity, such as the corporate colours, logotypes and police chevrons. The infinity symbol was integrated into the logo to signify SPF's commitment and continuous role in safeguarding Singapore, 200 years and beyond.

The three colours on the gradient bar mirrors the blinkers on a police car, symbolising our dedicated officers who partner the community to keep our nation safe and secure every day.

The forward-pointing police chevrons reflect a future-ready and forward-looking Force with continuous pursuit of policing excellence.