The Singapore Police Force (SPF) presents Safeguarding Every Day: 200 Years of the Singapore Police Force, a commemorative publication that encapsulates its bicentennial heritage and developments– from its rudimentary founding in 1820, through the colonial era, to internal self-government and briefly being part of Malaysia, and to the modern professional police force ensuring the nation’s safety and security today.

The SPF’s devotion to public service and commitment to operational excellence would not have been possible without the contributions and sacrifices of past and present officers. To inspire future generations, the SPF’s resilience and resourcefulness come through in the many ways in which it adapts to changing security threats, be it dealing with secret societies and communal unrest in the past or fighting crime and terrorism among other emerging challenges today. 

Saluting the past, safeguarding the future, the SPF will continue to be a Force for the Nation and strive towards achieving its vision of making Singapore the safest place in the world.

Read the e-version of the book (PDF 17 MB)