Specialist and Line Units



Protective Security Command (ProCom) was established to further enhance SPF’s protective security capability and improve the operational readiness of National Service and NS officers’ experience.


To protect strategic events and locations during Peacetime and National Emergency.


ProCom has 4 core functions:

  1. Strategic Location Patrol (SLP) – To conduct high visibility police patrol at security-sensitive locations around Singapore;
  2. Event Security (ES) – To protect and secure security event(s);
  3. Protection of Infrastructure (POI) – To protect and secure assigned Critical Infrastructure (CIs) during peacetime and heightened threat condition and national emergency; and
  4. In-Situ Reaction Team (IRT) – To deter, detect and respond to any Public Security threats at pre-identified high risk iconic areas with large human congregations.


Last Updated on 08 August 2019