Specialist and Line Units



The Public Transport Security Command (TransCom) was officially commissioned to better meet the security demands of the expanding public land transport system. TransCom is a Singapore Police Force (SPF) specialist unit established to oversee and manage all policing efforts throughout the entire public land transport network in Singapore, which comprises rail (both MRT and LRT) and bus networks.


To protect Singapore’s public land transport system against Crime.


The basic unit of TransCom’s frontline patrol resources is the Foot Patrol Group (FPG). One of the main tasks performed by the FPGs is the conduct of high visibility foot patrols within the MRT system (i.e. MRT stations and trains) to detect and deter crime, including terrorism. FPGs are usually the first resources that would be despatched to incidents reported in the public transport system. 

Last Updated on 08 August 2019