Commercial Affairs Department

Organisation Structure


Mr David Chew Siong Tai
Director CAD
Mr David Chew Siong Tai is the Director of the Commercial Affairs Department. He is assisted by three Deputy Directors overseeing the Enforcement Group, Financial Investigation Group, and the Intelligence and Admin Group.

Enforcement Group


Ms Rachel Koo
Deputy Director (Enforcement Group)

Ms Rachel Koo is the Deputy Director of the Enforcement Group. She oversees the investigation of capital market offences, investment fraud, corporate fraud, and fraud involving public institutions. The Enforcement Group comprises four divisions.

  • The Investment Fraud Division investigates both regulated and unregulated complex investment and pyramid selling schemes. Regulated investment schemes typically involve fund management services, leveraged foreign exchange and the trading of listed and unlisted shares. Unregulated investment schemes typically involve investments in commodities like precious metals and properties which do not require a licence to operate.

  • The Securities Fraud Division investigates into capital market fraud such as insider trading and share manipulation, as well as other breaches of the Securities and Futures Act. It also investigates fraud committed by senior management of listed companies, acting in their official capacity.

  • The Private Institutional Fraud Division investigates fraud in the business sector committed by officers of business entities, lawyers, public accountants and bankrupts. The Division also investigates into fraudulent timeshare schemes.

  • The Public Institutional Fraud Division investigates into fraud in the public sector involving government agencies, charities, societies and other public organisations.

Financial Investigation Group


Mr Ian Wong
Deputy Director (Financial Investigation Group)

Mr Ian Wong is the Deputy Director of the Financial Investigation Group. He oversees the investigation of money laundering, terrorism financing and fraud involving employees of financial institutions. He also looks into international cooperation involving other law enforcement agencies. The Financial Investigation Group comprises five divisions.

  • The three Financial Investigation Divisions in the group investigate money laundering, terrorism financing, cross-border cash couriers, fraud involving employees of financial institutions in their official capacity as well as enforce the Money-changing and Remittance Businesses Act. They also undertake assets confiscation of criminal proceeds and handle all incoming requests from foreign counterparts with respect to transnational commercial crime.

    The Divisions work closely with local financial institutions, government agencies and its foreign counterparts to ensure that Singapore has a robust anti-money laundering and counter financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) regime.

    As AML/CFT specialists, the Divisions also work alongside investigative units, including those from other law enforcement agencies, to combat financial crime by:

    • Making asset recovery an integral part of criminal investigations
    • Identifying, assessing, restraining and forfeiting illicit wealth, accumulated through criminal activities
    • Co-operating with foreign counterparts to combat transnational crime including money laundering

  • The Commercial Crime Division investigates commercial crime committed by syndicates such as phone scams and specialises in the investigation of payment systems fraud such as credit card fraud, ATM fraud involving counterfeit currencies, fraudulent motor insurance claims and trade financing. They also lead the six Police Land Divisions in investigating e-Commerce and online scams.

  • The Policy & Operations Division charts the long-term operational strategies and development plans of CAD. It puts in place systems, structures, policies and plans to drive operational and investigation excellence. It formulates strategic and conceptual plans on doctrines, operating guidelines and procedures on all investigative and operational matters for CAD Divisions and the Commercial Crime Units in the police land divisions.

    The division also coordinates all major commercial crime-related operations which involve multiple divisions of CAD or the police land divisions, and looks into international cooperation involving other law enforcement agencies.

  • It is also responsible for law enforcement policies in relation to money laundering and terrorism financing matters.

Intelligence & Admin Group


Ms Seow Hwee Koon
Deputy Director (Intelligence & Admin Group)

Ms Seow Hwee Koon is the Deputy Director of the Intelligence & Admin Group. She oversees CAD’s finance, manpower and administrative functions and CAD’s intelligence functions including the Suspicious Transaction Reporting Office (STRO).

Intelligence Group

The group provides a mix of traditional intelligence and financial intelligence to help CAD identify crime trends and areas of concern. It comprises two divisions.

  • The Intelligence Division provides comprehensive, timely and accurate field intelligence support to the enforcement arms of CAD. The Intelligence Division networks extensively with local intelligence agencies and overseas law enforcement agencies to enhance the effective exchange and gathering of information given the transnational nature of commercial crimes.

  • The Suspicious Transaction Reporting Office (STRO) is the Financial Intelligence Unit of Singapore. It is the central agency in Singapore for receiving, analysing and disseminating Suspicious Transaction Reports, Cash Movement Reports and Cash Transaction Reports. The STRO turns raw data in these reports into financial intelligence to detect money laundering, terrorism financing, tax evasion and other criminal offences. For more information on STRO, please click here.

Corporate Service Group

The Corporate Services Group administers CAD’s finance, manpower and administration functions. It comprises three divisions, the Corporate Support Division, Manpower & Training Division and Planning & Organisation Development Division.

Last Updated on 09 April 2019