Specialist Staff Departments

Ops-Tech Department




Ops-Tech Department (OTD) is the specialist staff department in Singapore Police Force (SPF) that will provide strategic guidance on how SPF can leverage new developments in science and technology across SPF functions.



The mission of Ops-Tech Department is to exploit the best-of-class technologies to transform SPF and enable SPF’s continued operational excellence.


Roles & Functions


The following are roles performed by Ops-Tech Department:


Strategic Technology Planning 

Develop SPF’s Ops-Tech masterplan, provide strategic guidance on the integration of science and technology across SPF functions and identify key capabilities to strengthen SPF’s technology ecosystem.


Ops-Tech Policy

Articulate SPF’s position on Ops-Tech policies, to ensure that SPF’s Ops-Tech policies are relevant to and complement MHA’s and other government policies. 


Ops-Tech Competency Development

Develop the Ops-Tech competency framework, together with Training & Capability Development Department (TCDD), to identify the required competencies and training interventions for each Ops-Tech job portfolio. 


Planning and Monitoring

Responsible for budget planning and monitoring of projects managed by OTD, as well as projects managed and supported by Home Team Science & Technology Agency (HTX), to ensure that technology projects meet SPF’s needs.   


Data Policy 

Support Director OTD as the SPF Chief Data Officer (CDO), to drive SPF’s data strategy. OTD will be responsible for overseeing policies on data governance, acquisition, sharing and usage of data within SPF.


Data Ops

Manage SPF’s enterprise data to facilitate its operational use and collaborate with the various stakeholders, such as technical engineers, users and vendors, to address and resolve data-related issues.


Enterprise Systems 

Responsible for taking a holistic view of SPF systems to drive inter-domain integration and the provision of critical integration infrastructure (e.g. API Gateways, Legacy System APIs). 


Technology Futures

Responsible for technology horizon-scanning, which includes assessing and identifying suitable emerging technologies to enable more effective and efficient policing. OTD will also work closely with external agencies, industry partners and Institutes of Higher Learning to perform quick prototyping and Proof of Concept trials. 


Product Development

Develop and implement technology projects to enable more efficient and effective policing, and champion a user-centric approach for the design and development of technology products in SPF. 


Last Updated on 03 September 2019