House-To-House And Streets Collection



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  1. Under the House to House And Street Collections Act , a HHSC licence is required if one promotes a collection by way of appealing to the public, made by means of visits from house to house or of soliciting in streets or other places or by both such means, for money or other property. The House to House And Street Collections Act is available here.


  1. The following types of collections do not require a licence:
    1. a private collection that is confined to friends or relatives; or making an appeal through the telephone or the media such as the internet and newspapers; or sending out appeal letters by post.
    2. a collection that is carried out by a full or associate member of the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) or the Community Chest. However, a written approval from the Chief Executive Officer of the NCSS has to be obtained before the collection (website address at For more details on the exemption, click here.


  1. Under Section 3(2) of the House to House and Street Collections Act, any person who promotes such a collection without a valid licence shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $5,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years or to both. If in doubt, members of public may: -
    1. Verify the authenticity of a collection by requesting for the Collector's Certificate of Authority (CCA) from the person who is soliciting or appealing for donations in kind or cash. The CCA is issued by the promoter of the collection;
    2. Check the list of fund raising events through the list of fund raising events approved by the Police and NCSS  or
    3. Check the validity of the licence of a fund-raising activity through the following: -
      1. The SMS verification service whereby a SMS query can be sent to 79777 using the following format "FR<space><license/certificate number or organisation name>". The facility will send back a SMS reply indicating whether the organisation has a valid license or certificate;
      2. The Charity Portal's Fund Raising Permit Search engine at; or
      3. The Police@SG application (under More Links) to assess the Charities and Fund Raising search engine of the Charity Portal, Charities Unit.


  1. Members of public can call the Police at '999' for immediate assistance if they have ascertained a collection to be illegitimate

Last Updated on 10 December 2018