Application for House To House And Street Collections



  1. The applicant must fulfil the following criteria:
    1. be a fit and proper person e.g. free from criminal records;
    2. for a foreigner, he must hold a valid work permit or employment pass; and
    3. must represent a registered business, company, society or organisation that is promoting the collection.

  2. The collection must be for a charitable cause and where the beneficiary is either a NCSS member or a registered charity with Commissioner of Charities, MCCY, or both. If the collection is intended for some overseas beneficiaries, applicant will have to get the approval of the Commissioner of Charities and submit such permit together with the online application for House to House and Street Collections licence. Please visit for more information on the permit for foreign charitable purposes.


  1. If a applicant intends to conduct a collection of recyclable items such as old electrical appliances, old clothes and old newspapers from the residents of housing estates, please note that firstly, the applicant has to seek permission from the National Environment Agency (NEA). Contact NEA at 67086088 prior to applying for a HHSC licence. The applicant will have to provide details of the locations and schedule of the intended collection.   
  3. Secondly, as you are raising funds from the public, a HHSC licence is required. Hence, the third party will need to apply for a licence. Applicant must read the guidelines and licensing conditions before submitting the online application. The online application must be submitted 10 working days before the intended date of collection.

  4. For any distribution of flyers or putting up of posters in the HDB Housing Estates, please liaise with the Town Councils concerned.

  5. Please note that for any fund raising activity in Orchard Road, you will need to obtain permission from Singapore Tourism Board before we process your House to House and Street Collections licence application. Please contact Ms Kamsinah Nasir of Singapore Tourism Board at (Office)6831 3378 (Fax)+65 6734 9035.
  6. Where a third party submits an application for a fundraising permit, a memorandum of agreement (MOA) signed by the applicant and the intended beneficiary containing information such as name of the beneficiary, mechanics of the fundraising, date and places of collection, targetted amount to be raised and breakdown of the projected expenditure should be submitted within 5 working days from the date of submission of the application. The memorandum of agreement should be faxed or posted together with the acknowledgement slip generated by PLUS to the following address:

    Police Licensing & Regulatory Department
    391 New Bridge Road #02-701
    Police Cantonment Complex
    Singapore 088762
    Fax: 6226 2254


  1. Except for flag days, no one below the age of 16 years is allowed to act as a collector unless specific approval is granted by the officer issuing the licence. For flag days, the licensee must ensure that at least 20% of the collectors are above the age of 16 years and those below this age but must be above 13 years, are properly supervised.

  2. The costs/ expenses relating to the fund-raising event must not exceed 30% of the proceeds of the collection. Applicants are to note that under the Charities (Fund-Raising Appeals) Regulations 2007 and the Charities (Institutions of a Public Character) Regulations 2007, the total amount of all donations collected by the commercial fund-raiser which is engaged by the charity, shall be paid directly to the charity. The commercial fund-raiser shall not deduct or set off any payment or expenses due to him from the donations collected.


  1. The applicant must obtain approvals from the relevant authorities such as the management/ owner of buildings, URA, NEA, SLA, LTA etc, on whose premises the collection will be carried out, before proceeding with the collection.

  2. For events involving a donation or lucky draw, the applicant is required to notify Specialised Crime Policy Branch of Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of Singapore Police Force at least 4 weeks before the launch of the event.
Last Updated on 05 December 2016