Private Security Industry


With effect from 2 April 2012, the Security Industry Regulatory Department (SIRD) and the Licensing Division in the Operations Department (Ops Licensing) have been merged to form the new Police Licensing & Regulatory Department (PLRD).

The single merged regulatory department will allow for greater synergy and ensure greater consistency in the areas of policy formulation, licensing processes and enforcement actions across all the licensing regimes administered by the PLRD. This move will allow all SPF approved licenses currently administered by SIRD and Ops Licensing to be centralised under one department; providing a one-stop service for all licence applicants.

The PLRD will administer and regulate the various licensing regimes, namely: public entertainment, liquor, massage establishments, second-hand goods dealers, private lotteries, house-to-house & street collections, arms & explosives and private security industry.

To ensure the effective licensing and regulation of the various sectors under its purview, the PLRD will constantly keep abreast of developments in the sectors, formulate clear and consistent regulatory policies, set standards and requirements for the sectors and ensure compliance to them. In short, the PLRD aims to effectively regulate the sectors under the various licensing regimes in support of the Singapore Police Force’s mission.

Last Updated on 02 September 2019