Security ID Card


  1. Is there a need to apply for and carry an identification card (ID Card) for security officers and private investigators?
    Under the PSIA (Cap 250A) Private Security Industry (Private Investigation and Security Agencies) Regulations 2009, Regualtion 20 states that the Licensing officer may issue an ID Card in such form as he may determine to a licensed private investigator and a licensed security officer. Where a licensed private investigator or a licensed security officer is deployed for duties, he shall carry his ID Card at all times while he is on duty.

  2. What powers does the ID card confer?
    The ID card doesnotconfer any legal or statutory powers to the holder. It is merely a mean of identification purposes. The security agency or employer must still check the enquiry module to confirm the status of a security officer or private investigator.

  3. How does a security officer or private investigator apply for his ID card? How much would it cost?
    The application process will be done in batches to cater to the large number of security officers and private investigators in the industry. All affected security officers and private investigatorswill be notified by mailto proceed to USE (Union of Security Employees) at Textile Centre to have their ID cards processed. The administrative fee for the ID card is $20 (excluding GST).

  4. If I am unable to make it at the specified date to apply and collect the ID card, can I nominate my family members or employer to do it on my behalf?
    No. As the ID card is a photo ID, you are required to undergo photo-taking during the application process. Applicants will have to be physically present for card application and collection. Please contact the USE hotline at 63376641 to arrange for another appointment for any clarification.

  5. Will I be able to collect the ID Card on the spot? How long will the entire card application and collection process take?
    Yes. You will be able to collect your ID card on the day of application. The entire card application process from queuing up till card collection will take approximately 1 to 2 hours. You will undergo a briefing and video presentation on the proper use of the ID card, the Community Engagement Program (CEP) and the benefits of being a union member of the Union of Security Employees (USE) during the application.

  6. Why am I required to pay $20 (excluding GST) for the ID card?
    The ID card is part of a Job Recreation Project by both the Police Licensing & Regulatory Department (PLRD) and the Union of Security Employees (USE). The total project cost consisting of administrative costs and infrastructure resources comes up to a substantial amount. After considerable subsidies by both PLRD and USE, security officers need only pay $20 (excluding GST) for their ID card, an amount which is well below the cost price.

  7. Am I required to surrender my ID card when I resign from my current employer or decide to leave the security industry?
    No. The ID Card is a personalized card tied to individual ownership. You do not need to surrender your ID card when you resign from the company and can continue holding the ID card until your security licence expires.

  8. What should I do if I lose or misplace my ID card? How much would it cost for a card replacement?
    You may proceed to USE at Waterloo Centre to apply for a replacement ID card with a copy of the police report. Administrative charges apply as below:
    1st Replacement - $20/- (excluding GST)
    2nd Replacement - $60/- (excluding GST)
    3rd and Subsequent Replacements - $100/- (excluding GST)

  9. Where can I go to return an ID card that I have found?
    Please return the found ID card to any Police Station or Customer Service Centre at USE at Textile Centre.

  10. When do I have to change my security ID card to the new one?
    Security Officers are allowed to use their current security ID card (issued till 6th July 2014) till their security officer license expire. If there is any clarification, please contact PLRD at Tel: 6835 0000 (during office hour).
Last Updated on 12 September 2017