Public Entertainment


The applicant must be a Singapore Citizen, a Singapore Permanent Resident or possess a FIN issued by Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA).

The Licensee must be the following business stakeholders as registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA):
  1. A Director - For Companies;
  2. A Partner – For Partnerships, Limited Partnerships (LP) and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP);
  3. The Sole Proprietor- For Sole Proprietorships

A Licensee must be a fit and proper person to hold a public entertainment licence.

Transfer of Licence

No licence may be transferred without the approval of the Licensing Officer.

If a change of licensee is applied for, the Licensing Officer may, in his direction, allow a transfer of the license.

License transfer applications must be made for genuine and bona fide reasons. For example, if a licence transfer application is make in an attempt to circumvent applicable rules or regulations, such an application would not be considered as being made for a genuine and bona fide reason.

Application guidelines for the common PE licences

PE Establishment Licence

  • a bar, cabaret/ nightclub, cafe, discotheque, KTV lounge, lounge, pub, restaurant or snack bar (see Appendix 1)
  • an amusement centre (see Appendix 2)
  • a billiard saloon (see Appendix 3)
  • a computer games centre (see Appendix 4)
  • a shop operating crane/ game machines (see Appendix 5)

The existence of PE outlets in the vicinity of the proposed location does not automatically indicate that the PE licence application would be approved as Police takes other factors such as the law and order situation into consideration when assessing the application.

PE Ad-hoc Licence

Submission of Application

All applications for public entertainment licence are to be submitted through electronic filing via the Online Business Licensing Service (LicenceOne)

Submission of Supporting Documents

The applicant is required to submit supporting documents at the point of application. These supporting documents, are such as Planning Permission from Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) and Letter of Approval from Housing Development Board (HDB).

The supporting documents can be submitted as a softcopy attachment together with the online application. You can also post the documents to Police Licensing & Regulatory Department.

Processing Time

The normal processing time for an application is 12 working days from the receipt of the application and the necessary supporting documents, if required. Any incomplete or incorrect submission will be rejected.

The applicant will be notified of the outcome via SMS or email, and post.

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Last Updated on 01 August 2017