Public Entertainment

Important Notice for Application of Public Entertainment (PE) Licence:

Please note that as the organiser of any event, you are to conduct your event in a socially responsible manner and ensure that it does not cause any danger  or undue alarm to the general public.  Due considerations are to be taken to ensure all aspects of public safety, security, law and order are not compromised in the organisation of and during the event, and that the event activities do not contravene any legislation.  If in doubt, you should seek your own legal counsel.

Sunk Investments

Sunk investments e.g. Renovation, purchase of equipment, rental of premise will not be regarded as grounds for a licence to be granted. Applicants should ensure that they have obtained the necessary PE licence/ approval before starting the use or renovation works on the premise. Hence, applicants are advised to consider the financial commitment to their business carefully if a licence/exemption has yet been granted. The following highlights two important considerations that an applicant should take note before submitting an application to operate a PE.

Suitability of a location

Existence of PEs in the vicinity of a proposed location does not automatically indicate that the application would be approved as Police takes other factors such as the law and order situation into consideration when assessing the application.

Charging of Processing Fees

Please note that processing fees will be charged by URA and HDB for their planning permission/approval (where applicable) and that the planning permission/approval granted by these authorities does not guarantee the approval of a Public Entertainment licence.

Rules and Regulation

Unless exempted, a public entertainment or arts entertainment licence is required under the Public Entertainments Act (PEA), Chapter 257, for any entertainment that is provided in any place to which the public or any class of public has access, whether gratuitously or otherwise. Any person who provides or assists in providing any public entertainment without a license shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $20,000. Please click here for more information on the Act.

Public Entertainment Establishment Licence

The common establishments that may require a PE licence are:
  1. Nightspots such as bar, cabaret/ nightclub, cafe, discotheque, KTV lounge, lounge, pub, restaurant or snack bar
    1. CAT 1 : Transmission of recorded music, any variety act, performance of music, singing or dancing, gymnastics or acrobatics including dancing by customers
    2. CAT 2 : Transmission of recorded music without dancing by customers
  2. Amusement centre
  3. Billiard saloon
  4. Computer games centre
  5. Shop operating crane/ game machines

Public Entertainment Ad-hoc Licence

The following is a list of commonly held public entertainments that may require an ad-hoc licence:
  1. Acrobatic or gymnastic show
  2. Beauty pageant or fashion show (other than those exempted)
  3. Boxing or wrestling
  4. Circus
  5. Computer games
  6. Demonstration of art & craft, culture or sports (other than those exempted)
  7. Game machine / pin table (other than those exempted)
  8. Games of skill (other than those exempted)
  9. Magic shows (other than those exempted)
  10. Performance of music, singing or dancing or variety act (other than arts entertainment and those exempted)
  11. Transmission of recorded music (other than those exempted)


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Last Updated on 25 January 2018