Application for Election Meeting Permits and Perambulating Vehicle

Application for Election Meeting Permits and Perambulating Vehicle


The Singapore Police Force (SPF) has introduced an e-Service which allows election agents and candidates to apply for public election meeting and perambulating vehicle permits online via Police E-Services. Candidates and election agents must apply for a permit from the Police before they can hold a public election meeting to campaign or show support at the time of election results, or to use a perambulating vehicle (motorised or otherwise) fitted with loudspeakers and/or elections-related posters and banners on any public road.

Applications for perambulating vehicle and election meeting permits may be made online or in person by the candidate or his election agent at the Police Elections Permits Office. For application of permit for perambulating vehicles made online, PEPO will process the application during its operating hours and issue the permit via email. The applicant will be notified upon approval of the permit.

Applications for election meeting permits are to be submitted to the PEPO two days before the intended election meeting date. The earliest day for an election meeting to be held is two days after Nomination Day. Applications for election meetings to be held on this day must be submitted by 4 p.m. on Nomination Day. Applications for election meetings to be held on all other subsequent campaigning days must be submitted by 11 a.m. two days before the election meeting. For example, if the election meeting is on Thursday, the candidate or election agent should apply for a permit latest by 11 a.m. on Tuesday that same week. Any cancellation or changes to the permit application should be made known to the PEPO by the next day before the close of the PEPO’s operation hours upon submission of the permit application.

Upon approval of the permit application for an election meeting, the candidate or election agent will be invited to PEPO. The permit conditions and the rules will be explained to the candidate or election agent. The candidate or election agent must acknowledge on the permit that the conditions and rules have been explained before collecting the permit.



Only election agents and candidates registered on Nomination Day


To facilitate the online application process, candidates and EAs will need to register and create their MyInfo profile. As indicated in the Candidates’ Handbook, registration for MyInfo may take at least one working day. Please refer to for further details.

There will be no designated rally sites for presidential elections. All candidates who wish to hold election meetings must secure the rental of the venue and seek approval or consent from the premises or site owners. The written consent or in-principle approval of the premises or site owners must be attached with the permit application to hold an election meeting. The maximum capacity of the venue, endorsed by the premises or site owners, must accompany such documents.


Candidates who wish to hold rallies should consider sites such as sports stadiums and indoor venues, where the public order and security risk can be better mitigated. Election meeting permits will not be issued for sites such as open fields or open areas.


Candidates and election agents can indicate up to two sites for each election meeting permit application. The Police will assess both sites. Candidates can proceed with an election meeting at only one approved site, i.e. if both sites are found suitable, candidates have to choose between either of the sites to hold the election meeting at the time slot indicated on the permit application.


If the application is approved, the permit holder would be required to organise the rally site according to the site plan, as approved by the Police, which will take into account the safety and security of the candidate as well as persons who attend the rally.


Candidates and their election agents should take note that the breach of a permit condition is an offence for which the permit holder may be held responsible and action taken against. Candidates and their election agents are to read the permit conditions carefully and familiarise themselves with the conditions. They are to adhere strictly to the permit conditions. Police take a serious view of breaches of permit conditions. Depending on the nature, frequency and circumstances of the breach(es), such actions can range from warnings to composition fines to prosecution in court.



Step 1: Log on to the portal via SingPass

Step 2: Follow on screen instruction to proceed with application submission
Step 3: Verify submission completion with the confirmation screen
1 SingPass                    
Valid Email Address
Written consent or in-principle approval of the premises or site owners


Member of Public may contact Police Election Permit Office at:

Police Cantonment Complex
391 New Bridge Road, Singapore 088762
8.30 a.m. to 11 a.m
2 p.m. to 4 p.m (Nomination Day Only)
1800-220 3370

For other matter relating to PEPO or permit, please contact us via:


The online application will take approximately 8 minutes to complete.
Please note that your information will not be saved if you terminate your application halfway.

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Last Updated on 29 August 2017