Sponsorship Opportunities


If you’re a serving officer, you may wish to consider applying for a Full-Time Undergraduate Degree Scholarship/Sponsorship Programme offered by the SPF. Whether it is the option of majoring in your desired course or the attraction of a cool remuneration package, our suite of Scholarships/Sponsorship Programmes will help you fulfil your aspirations.

  Home Affairs Learning & Growth Opportunities (HALO) MHA Scholarship for SIT-Liverpool Degree (MSSL) Full-Time Degree Sponsorship Programme (FDSP) Tier 1 Full-Time Degree Sponsorship Programme (FDSP) Tier 2
Approved Institutions NUS, NTU, SMU, SUTD and SIT* SIT NUS, NTU, SMU and SUTD Relevant courses of studies at SUSS and SIT (non-customised programmes)
Course of Study Degree in any discipline except Architecture, Medicine & Dentistry * Course of study is restricted to BA (HON) Criminology and Security
Course Fee

Full sponsorship of course fees


Full pay

80% of pay

50% of pay

Book Allowance

$500 (once-off throughout course of study)


4 years


Upon successful completion of studies, you may be emplaced to the rank of Inspector

Sponsorship is not guaranteed and is dependent on applicants’ work performance and them securing a university placing on their own merit.


  • After serving a minimum of 2 years with the SPF, officers may apply for the HALO, MSSL or FDSP (Tiers 1 and 2) Programmes
  • Successful applicants[2] will proceed for their studies and obtain salary and other benefits whilst studying. Males serving their MTE will also have their MTE suspended
  • Upon successful completion of their degree studies, officers may be emplaced to the rank of Inspector. (There will be a 4-year bond for the Scholarship/Sponsorship programmes)[3]

    [2] Unsuccessful applicants will still be eligible to apply in subsequent years.
    [3] For male applicants, the bond will be served concurrently with your remaining MTE period.

Last Updated on 18 July 2017