Staff Welfare


Home United Football Club (HUFC)

HUFC aims to be the most successful S. League Club, regularly representing Singapore in International competitions. The Club will be renowned for its attractive brand of soccer and its excellent youth development programme producing talent for the Club and National Team. The Club’s fans will be highly enthusiastic, supportive and loyal, and will spur the team on to greater heights with their enthusiasm and fervour. The Club will be distinguished by its community mission of taking youths off the street and by its players values of discipline, diligence, teamwork, collective responsibility, an excellent work ethic, camaraderie, sportsmanship and fair play.


JOM - Clubhouse for Police Officers

JOM aims to provide recreational facilities and activities for our members and their family. Many of the activities are family-oriented and aim to achieve a work-life balance for our members. The Clubhouse is located at Ah Hood Road and offers a wide range of facilities that cater to the recreational needs of our members and their family. Members can find out more about JOM by visiting website or our Facebook at www.facebook/jomclubhouse To keep abreast with what’s happening members can also download our App (JOMClub) from Google Play or Apple Store.


Polwel Co-operative Society Limited

POLWEL Co-Operative Society Limited (POLWEL) is the business arm of the Police Central Welfare Fund, established on 16th Match 1992. Apart from its traditional co-operative business of retail, savings and loan services for members, POLWEL has expanded to providing strategic support to the Singapore Police Force and various government agencies through project management, consultancy and auditing services, training and assessment delivery and staffing services.


Police Sports Association (PSA)

Although the Police Sports Association (PSA) has been in existence for about as long as the Singapore Police Force (SPF), it was only registered as such a body on 15 May 1963. It has always been and continues to be part of the Police Academy.It is currently headed by Director of Criminal Investigation Department, DC Tan Chye Hee.


Singapore Police Co-operative Society Limited

The Singapore Police Co-operative Society Ltd was established on 18 August 1926 as the first co-operative society to be registered for uniformed personnel in the Singapore Government Service. Currently serving more than 12,000 members, we aspire to continue advocating a holistic approach to members in achieving financial success with our premium savings and loan interest rates.


SPF Care

The Police Welfare Division is a unit under the Manpower Department. Apart from being the staff authority on welfare matters, it also offers and manages a wide variety of welfare benefits, services and programmes for the enjoyment and well-being of SPF officers at different stages of their life.


Senior Police Officers' Mess (SPOM)

No one appears to know exactly when the Senior Police officers' Mess at 153, Mt Pleasant Road was built. However, an educated guess will place it around the 1930s. The Mess was originally intended as a home for unmarried British officers of ASP rank and above. The living quarters were sited on the upper floor while the ground floor held the anteroom, dining room and bar. Officers in those days practically ate all their meals at the Mess, which necessitated the employment of a small catering corps with the traditional 'Hylam cookie' at its centre. Mess staff were housed in their own quarters at the rear of the mess, at the beck and call of officers needing a quick meal or some other task done.


Singapore Police Retirees' Association

The idea of forming an association consisting of retirees from SPF was first mooted in 1991. A small committee, comprising some retirees and a few serving officers was formed. However, it did not take off.

Last Updated on 23 May 2018