Police Sports Association

Although the Police Sports Association (PSA) has been in existence for about as long as the Singapore Police Force (SPF), it was only registered as such a body on 15 May 1963. It has always been and continues to be part of the Police Academy.

Over the years, there has been considerable development by PSA in the 21 games that are now being played under its auspices. Athletics, sports and games became more common and pronounced immediately after the Second World War. This expansion of sporting activities and games led to a re-organisation of the PSA. On 27 Sep 1994, the Commissioner of Police became the President of the Association. The Chairman was responsible to the Commissioner for the efficient management of the Association. The implication of this was that the promotion and management of sports within the SPF was to be more purposeful and with a view to developing excellence in sports in the Force.

There are at present, 21 athletics, sports and games organised by the PSA. These are both for individuals as well as team games. To give the games due recognition, the Convenor appointed is normally the Commander of a Division, Head or OC of a Unit. This ensures that there are no difficulties in promoting the sports/games organised under their charge. The added advantage is that the Division/Unit can purposefully participate in a specific sport or game with official support and guidance of the Commander.

Recently, the Government has also come out in a big way in the promotion of sports. Sports (including games) is now equated with a healthy lifestyle. Government funding has been made available for some time now, so that individuals can take part in games and sports at their workplace. The Ministry of Community Development (MCD) and the Singapore Sports Council (SSC) have now followed on the Prime Minister's call for a thrust towards Sports Excellence and this has resulted in the development of the Sports Excellence 2000 Plan (SPEX 2000).

Last Updated on 29 August 2019