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Behind the Scenes

By: Domnic Dass (Photos by: Public Affairs Department)

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In the past decade, social media has evolved into a prominent communication platform that facilitates community-based inputs and content-sharing all around the world. With rapid technological advancements, particularly in internet technology, this form of communication has progressed significantly in speed and scale, and has greatly changed the world’s media consumption habits. Apart from leveraging technology to enhance the Singapore Police Force’s (SPF) operational capabilities, the SPF has also been leveraging the progress of such social media communication technology to meet the intense media consumption demands, and to enhance its public communication capabilities, which is especially critical in its mission of preventing, deterring, and detecting crime. In this issue, Police Life spoke to the Media Production & Liaison Unit (MPL), a unit of the SPF’s Public Affairs Department (PAD) which is always working behind the scenes to produce multimedia content to support the SPF’s public communications work!


Superintendent of Police (Supt) Ricky Tay Chwee Kiat, Head MPL

Meet Supt Tay, who has been heading the MPL team since 2018. Comprising regulars, civilian officers as well as full-time Police National Service (PNSF) officers, the MPL team is responsible for producing video and photo content to support the SPF’s operational and public communication needs. Operating on a 24/7 basis, MPL officers could be deployed anytime to support the SPF’s operations, which include major security events and large-scale exercises, so that video and photo contents can be regularly updated on the SPF's social media channels in a timely fashion. Apart from supporting event coverage, the MPL team also creates interesting and engaging content to support the SPF’s crime prevention, branding and publicity needs.

Since joining MPL, Supt Tay has been involved in numerous video projects as well as major security events’ coverage deployments. “As a police officer, MPL work is totally new to me. One thing that I learned is that creativity has no ranks. Every one of us contributes in our unique ways to achieve the desired outcomes. We brainstorm for ideas and sweat it out together to produce the final desired product," shared Supt Tay. He further added that as the MPL is an operational unit, there were times when they were given very tight deadlines to produce videos to support other SPF units’ operational needs.

Asked which was his most memorable assignment, Supt Tay shared that the Trump-Kim Summit coverage was most memorable to him as it was really a once in a lifetime opportunity to cover such a significant historical event. “The event coverage was no mean feat. It required extensive planning, and we had to roster ourselves to cover the event over the entire period. Due to the tight security arrangements, we had to plan ahead to ensure that we were placed strategically to cover the significant moments as we only had one opportunity. It was really tiring, but the entire team was so full of energy and enthusiasm, and we really enjoyed this assignment,” quipped Supt Tay proudly.


Mr Zulfadli Bin Mohamed Isa, Media Production Officer

After serving his National Service with the SPF, Zulfadli joined MPL in October 2015 and brought with him his previous working experience as part of an in-house video production team. Zulfadli, who is one of the two full-time civilian MPL officers, assists Supt Tay to oversee video production as well as SPF’s live streaming capabilities. As the only officer in MPL with an unmanned aircraft pilot licence, Zulfadli also adds creativity to his video projects with drone footage. “One of the major video projects that was most memorable to me was the multi-agency islandwide counter-terrorism exercise conducted in 2016.

Click the link below to view the multi-agency islandwide counter-terrorism exercise video captured and produced by Zulfadli here!

I had to capture and produce footage from the exercise, which started at 10am on 17 Oct 2016 and concluded at 3am the next day. After that, we had to immediately rush back to the office to edit and produce a three-and-a-half-minute video to be posted on our SPF Facebook the next day. After staying awake for almost 24 hours and sifting through more than 30 hours of video footage, we finally did it,” recalled Zulfadli.

When asked what keeps him going in MPL, Zulfadli shared that being in MPL allows him to learn how other SPF units train and work: “To name a few, I have had the opportunity to “patrol” with GRF officers, observe how the Traffic Police (TP) officers conduct roadblocks, watched a hostage rescue exercise conducted by officers from Special Operations Command (SOC), and even going onboard with Police Coast Guard (PCG) officers during a simulated high-speed boat chase.” Zulfadli also shared that while the frontliners of SPF help safeguard Singapore, MPL officers help strengthen the trust that the SPF has built with the community and safeguard the image of SPF.


Ms Ong Lin Hui, Media Production and Liaison Officer

Lin Hui joined the MPL team in March 2020 and is currently the Videography Team Leader. She is also the liaison officer for the SPF units seeking clearance for their video content. Occasionally, she lends her skills to assist with photography assignments too!

Lin Hui has gathered vast experience as a graphic designer and photographer, as well as handling videography tasks, through her previous work with various companies. “I enjoy working on video production, but it can be challenging at times due to the demanding deadlines!” shared Lin Hui. “Thankfully, there is good camaraderie in the team, and we have a lot of fun during our filming sessions. This is very different from my previous jobs, where I worked alone most of the time,” said Lin Hui.

“Some of the biggest projects I have worked on so far are the two seasons of "Hello Police?" as well as the 2020 Police Day video, which was one of the first few projects I worked on when I first joined the SPF,” shared Lin Hui. She added that one of the more challenging projects she undertook was filming onboard the PCG’s Tactical Boat Handling and Firing Simulator. “I had to balance myself to film the footage while the simulator deck was in motion. I had never done this before, and it was really challenging yet fun," she said.

Click the links below to view some of the projects that Lin Hui has undertaken!

Police Day 2020 Observance Ceremony video:

PCG’s Special Task Squadron Media Feature:


Special Constable/Corporal (SC/Cpl) Rasidi Bin Rahim - Staff Assistant for Photo/Visual Production

Apart from three full-time officers, the majority of MPL officers are PNSF officers who have been selected to join MPL after their basic police officer training due to their academic training or industrial experience before they were enlisted. Joining MPL not only allows them to exercise their creativity based on their past training or experience but also allows them to build a credible portfolio for their future career development.

SC/Cpl Rasidi is one of the PNSFs currently serving his National Service (NS) with MPL, and his work involves capturing and editing photos and videos for the SPF’s operational and public communication needs. Having previously gained experience in photography and video production through freelance production for weddings, ceremonial events and music videos for local artists, the skills necessary for MPL’s work played out naturally for him.

SC/Cpl Rasidi shared that one of the challenges he faced was being prepared for tight deadlines and sudden deployment for photo or video shoots. “I have to be always mentally prepared to be deployed anytime, and I carry my camera equipment with me all the time so that I am always ‘Operationally Ready’,” chuckled SC/Cpl Rasidi. SC/Cpl Rasidi also shared that it is crucial that his camera equipment is maintained regularly.

When asked about his most challenging project, SC/Cpl Rasidi said that the ‘SPF200’ publicity campaign was the most demanding as it was a major milestone in SPF’s history. “2020 was packed with intense publicity efforts and events, and one of the most challenging tasks that MPL did was to live stream from multiple locations for one of the events. More than 2,000 people watched the event online!” said SC/Cpl Rasidi. He added that the event was a valuable learning experience that gave him a great sense of achievement.

SC/Cpl Rasidi also highlighted that one of the things he appreciates about being part of MPL is the opportunity to learn about other SPF units and the Home Team. “I love that I get to learn about other SPF units, some of which I never knew about. Through my MPL work, I also have a greater appreciation for the work of our officers and what they are doing to safeguard our home and our community,” said Rasidi.

Click the links below to view some of the works that SC/Cpl Rasidi and his MPL colleagues have produced for SPF!

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