18 February 2019

Behind the Scenes: SPF’s Festive Videos

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By: Irwan Shah (Photos: Public Affairs Department)




This year, to celebrate the Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali and the New Year, officers with various talents came together to sing and dance their way into the hearts of the community. The performances which they put together in four music videos quickly went viral, even with the media chiming in on the hype. The videos, which were posted on the Singapore Police Force’s (SPF) Facebook (FB), attracted a whopping 1,048,000 views and received lots of positive reviews. Police Life goes behind the scenes to unveil the collaborative effort of officers from the various SPF units.


Conceptualisation and Forming


The New Media Team (NMT) from the SPF’s Public Affairs Department (PAD) are constantly exploring new and creative ways to engage members of the public through the SPF’s social media platforms. The festive video idea came up during one of such brainstorming sessions. While the NMT led the festive video project, the PAD’s Media Production & Liaison team (MPL) took the lead on the artistic direction for the videography. The two teams from PAD then joined forces with the SPF Band, the musical masterminds behind the productions, to select suitable songs for each of the music videos. The SPF Band would then produce their rendition of the selected songs and work together with the MPL team to choreograph the music videos.


“We definitely needed the SPF Band to come on board for this project as they are the most important factor in getting the festive videos to work. Their ability to rearrange music, forms the backbone for us to work with,” emphasised Mr Peh Mingcheng who was the chief videographer from the MPL team.


Talents Across the Force


Following the conceptualisation process, the team began scouting for talented singers and dancers across the SPF. The selected officers (singers and dancers) then worked together with their respective music arrangers and the SPF Band officers – who are musicians, singers and dancers themselves – to fine-tune their parts within the various music arrangements and ensured that the dance choreographies were executed effortlessly.





The talents had to quickly adapt and follow the directions of their music arrangers regardless of their rank or seniority. For example, Superintendent of Police (Supt) Roy Lim, Head of Bomb and Explosives Branch (BEB), had to sing in Malay for the Hari Raya Aidilfitri music video! Supt Lim thoroughly enjoyed the entire recording process as this was an opportunity to ‘test’ out his language learning skill and to also show another side of himself to his peers.


“I had a wonderful time with my colleagues. Instead of always being perceived as the stern-looking investigation officer that appears in the news, it was great to show the lighter side of myself. It shows that we as police officers know how to let our hair down and have fun too,” chuckled Supt Lim.




Overcoming Challenges


Like all projects, no success can be achieved without their own unique set of challenges. The music arrangements, dance choreographies, art directions and costumes had to be finalised within two to four weeks before the actual video shoots.




The video shoot itself typically took up to two days to complete. Thus, time became the main

binding challenge for those involved, as each officer had to juggle between work commitments and the video production. Eventually, everyone managed to overcome their challenges through constant and clear communication with one another and, most importantly, the common goal and understanding that unites our officers.


“It is always a challenge to juggle our primary roles and such ad-hoc commitments. However, the flexibility and support of our superiors, coupled with the fun-filled memories that were forged at every practice session, kept us going,” recalled Sergeant Thinesh Kaneson, an Investigations Officer from Jurong Division, who was one of the dance choreographers involved in the Deepavali video.




The unwavering teamwork, strengthened by full dedication and commitment, resulted in the success of the productions. Furthermore, new friendships and memories were forged through the power of arts.


Kudos to the officers involved!


Viral in Numbers


Total Number of 1,048,000



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Total Number of 14,350



*Statistics as of 31st December 2018


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