12 June 2019

Fighting Crime with the Community

SPF Logo

By J. Jaidurga (Photos: Community Partnership Department)


Anchored on trust, the Singapore Police Force (SPF) has been working hand in hand with the community to prevent, deter and detect crime. One such key community partnership is the Citizens on Patrol (COP) volunteer scheme which was first introduced in 1999. Since then, COP members have played a key role in supporting the SPF’s mission of safeguarding Singapore every day!


Empowering the Community


The COP scheme started out with a small group of volunteers as one of the key initiatives under the Community Safety and Security Programme. Over the years, the COP scheme gained more interest from members of the public, enabling them to expand their reach. Singaporeans and Permanent Residents aged between 17 and 80 are eligible to sign up for the scheme.


Besides patrolling the neighbourhoods, COP members also help to raise awareness on crime trends and share crime prevention advisories with fellow residents. In 2018, the COP members expanded their patrols to MRT stations to deter and detect crime.


COP members are also known as the neighbourhoods’ friendly force who extends a helping hand to those in need. As part of the 2016 ‘Forget-Us-Not’ initiative, a joint programme by Lien Foundation and Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, over 80 COP members from Yishun North Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC) were trained to identify, respond and assist persons with dementia.


Community Heroes

Today, there are more than 3,000 COP members working alongside the SPF. To commemorate the 20th anniversary of COP, a celebration was held at the Singapore Expo, Max Atria on 13 April 2019. Graced by Guest of Honour, Mr Murali Pillai, Member of Parliament, Bukit Batok Constituency and Deputy Chairperson of the Government Parliamentary Committee (Home Affairs and Law), COP members who have actively volunteered in the scheme for at least 10 years were presented with an award to recognise their commitment and contribution to the safety and security of Singapore.


At the event, the rebranding of the COP scheme was also announced. This included the launch of the new COP logo that was designed to represent the tight-knit relationship between the Police and the community in keeping the neighbourhood safe and secure. The rebranding of the scheme also introduced the following measures to enhance the capabilities of COP members:


  1. Projecting a stronger presence through enhanced visibility

    To create a stronger brand name for the scheme, all COP members will now don a standardised vest regardless of their jurisdictions. Additionally, they will also carry with them an identification card while patrolling to enhance the ground presence of the SPF.
  2. Developing COP members’ ops capabilities through enhanced trainin

    COP members will receive a more structured training programme to equip them with different skill sets at varying stages of their COP commitments. More than 1,000 members have already been trained under this rebranded scheme.

  3. Equipping COP members for improved volunteer experience

    To be rolled out in July 2019, COP members will be provided with an improved volunteer experience through the use of the new volunteering platform in the Police@SG app. The new platform will allow room for improved coordination and tracking of COP patrols in a seamless manner.


“Amid the heightened security landscape, COP members play a pivotal role as the eyes and ears on the ground, partnering the Police in keeping vigilant against crimes and security threats in our neighbourhoods. The SPF will continue its efforts to encourage more people to play an active role in safeguarding our community by joining as a COP.”


Deputy Assistant Commissioner of Police Shng Yunn Chinn, Director of Community Partnership Department


Last Updated on 12 June 2019