07 February 2019

More than Just a Police National Serviceman

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By Idaffi Othman


Source: The Straits Times (C) Singapore Press Holdings Limited. Permission required for reproduction


When Sergeant (Sgt) (NS) Bahari Haron completed his National Service (NS) with the Singapore Police Force (SPF) five years ago, he never thought that he would utilise his skills acquired from his Police National Service (PNS) training, much less in apprehending an offender. 18 May 2018 was the day he realised what he had acquired during his NS with the SPF is a life skill!


While on his way to work, he stumbled upon an elderly supermarket security guard who was pursuing a man at the Hillion Mall. Trusting his policing instincts, he immediately gave chase and successfully pinned the man down single-handedly. As it turned out, the man had indeed committed an offence and was arrested for stealing alcohol from the supermarket.


For his courage and public-spiritedness, Sgt (NS) Bahari was commended by Assistant Commissioner of Police (AC) Devrajan Bala at a ceremony held at Jurong Division in October 2018. Acknowledging the strong partnership between the Police and the community, AC Devrajan said, “The vigilance and bravery displayed by Mr Bahari is indeed highly commendable.”


While you may have read his story on other media outlets, Police Life nudges Sgt (NS) Bahari, who currently serves as a Police Operationally-Ready National Serviceman (PNSman) in the Community Policing Unit in Jurong East Neighbourhood Police Centre, for a quick catch up on his thoughts about the incident.


What triggered you to give chase?

It was instinctive. Somehow, I sensed that something was amiss when I saw the way the man was frantically running away. Furthermore, when I saw that the supermarket’s security guard was pretty senior in age and could do with more help, I immediately decided to step up to do my part in helping to apprehend the suspect.


What gave you the confidence that you could apprehend the man?


Values of courage and fairness are constantly imbued into PNSmen during our training. The training also helped a great deal in refreshing our policing skills. These are life skills that I firmly believed will go a long way in helping me to do my part to contribute to our society whenever I can. This incident is a very good example.


How do you apply the values you learnt during your PNS stint in your current occupation?


As an assistant manager dealing with Publicity and Engagement at the Info-com Media Authority (IMDA), I constantly apply the values of good moral judgement by keeping the interest of the public at heart. This is important in helping to uphold our public service standards.


Sgt (NS) Bahari is one of the many who had displayed courage and public-spiritedness to prevent, deter and detect crime. Whether you are a member of the public or a police officer, everyone can do your part to safeguard Singapore’s every day!

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