22 May 2019

Operationalisation of the Woodlands Division

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By Hadi Hafidz (Photos: Public Affairs Department)



 “Woodlands Division, and the opening of this new building, is another important milestone in the SPF’s strategy. I would like to congratulate the men and women of this Division on this special occasion. But really, more than any physical infrastructure, it is really the spirit of professionalism of our SPF officers that is critical.” 

- Mr K Shanmugam, Minister for Home Affairs and Minister for Law

Nestled amidst a residential estate, Woodlands Division is the Singapore Police Force’s (SPF) seventh Land Division which was officially opened on 12 March 2019. With this new division, the SPF will be able to better serve the residents living in the northern parts of Singapore together with its network of five Neighbourhood Police Centres (NPCs) and four Neighbourhood Police Posts (NPPs).


The 10-storey divisional headquarters with a modern minimalist interior is the first police division to introduce redesigned workflow processes and tech-enabled systems to enhance the provision of police services to the public. These changes allow police officers to deliver more efficient services to members of the public, who will benefit from shorter waiting times, more privacy and comfort.


For those who prefer the assistance of an officer, they can do so by taking a short escalator ride up to the second floor where members of the public can meet an officer in one of the many glass-panelled rooms. Not only will the public receive help in the report-lodging process, they will also be able to do so with more privacy and comfort.

The Self-help kiosk allows the public to lodge their police reports.

The Found Property Drop Box allows the public to register and deposit items they have found.

The Green Mark Platinum Award

Other than the redesigned workflow processes and technological implementations to better serve the public, the Woodlands Division has also adopted an environmentally friendly approach in its design by taking into consideration water and energy efficiency, environmentally friendly products and indoor air quality. Officers will get to work in an environment with green features like water-efficient sanitary fittings, energy-efficient lifts with sleep mode, and enhanced thermal performance of the building with the use of LED lights and motion sensors. As a result of this approach, Woodlands Division was awarded the Green Mark Platinum Award by the Building and Construction Authority. This award is the highest accolade in Singapore for outstanding commitment to environmentally sustainable designs and practices.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner of Police (DAC) Leon Chan, Commander of Woodlands Division, shared that the toughest aspect in setting up this new police division was the human element. “We took over areas that were from Ang Mo Kio Police Division and Jurong Police Division, so we had to bring in two different kinds of practices to work together,” shared DAC Chan. Other than merging two different sets of practices, the selection of officers from other divisions was also carried out with the consideration of attaining a good balance of new and experienced officers from all across the Force.

The Woodlands Division is another example of the SPF’s ongoing efforts to enhance its organisational and operational capabilities to adapt to the ever-changing operating landscape. Despite the many considerations for the various plans, they are always done with the SPF vision in mind, to make Singapore the safest place in the world.
Last Updated on 22 May 2019