21 November 2018

Our Very Own Sports Talents

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By Patrick Pang and Siti Khadijah Bte Mohd Ezad
(Photos: Public Sports Association)

The Police Sports Association (PSA) is a key institution in the Singapore Police Force (SPF) that promotes an active lifestyle through sports. Sports bring people from different walks of life together and strengthen the camaraderie among our officers as they participate as one SPF team. To recognise officers for their excellence in the respective sporting domains in the past year, an award ceremony was held earlier in July 2018. Three awards were accorded to the sportsman, sportswoman and team of the year respectively.

In this issue, we bring you an exclusive interview with Station Inspector (SI) Alan Chau and Sergeant (Sgt) Nurul Atiqah Binte Alwi, winners for the Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year awards respectively, as well as the PSA Dart Team’s Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Lance Ong, convenor of the PSA Dart Team who received the PSA Team of the Year award on behalf of his team.

Hitting the Bull’s Eye


SI Chau was pleasantly surprised when he received a call from the PSA committee that he had been named the Sportsman of the Year. As a member of the PSA Dart Team, SI Chau has a string of accolades under his belt. His achievements in the past year include his wins at the JOM Soft Tip Championship and the China Open Dart Tournament under the Double Open Division. He also finished third in the Count Up Club 1000 Grand Final and the Phoenix Cup Genting under the International Team Event.

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SI Chau, who is a Deputy Officer-in-Charge of the Community Policing Unit in Nanyang Neighbourhood Police Centre, likened dart to policing work where teamwork is a crucial element. “No matter where or how we are deployed, policing work is always a collective effort,” he emphasised.

Despite his achievements, SI Chau remains humble. He attributed his success to his teammates.

“The team had to strategise and plan well so that we know how to score the required points to win the match,” said SI Chau, who has been playing darts for more than a decade 

Rowing Together


The PSA Sportswoman of the Year was awarded to Sgt Atiqah, a key rower in the PSA Dragonboat Women Team. Sgt Atiqah, who has been actively rowing for PSA since 2013, has anchored herself as a regular first team selection. 2017 was a landmark year for the PSA Dragonboat Team, where they emerged champions in several major tournaments including the World Police Fire Games (WPFG) in Los Angeles and the Inter-Forces Games (IFG) in Hong Kong and Penang.

As a patrol officer with the Police Coast Guard (PCG), she holds on to the same belief at work. Regardless of the situation that she has to overcome in the course of her duty, she always gives her utmost best. Most importantly, she approaches every incident with confidence and pride. To her, confidence and trust comes hand in hand. Not only is it important to have confidence in herself, it is also crucial to trust the decisions of her fellow officers when they are attending to incidents.


“Sports taught me the importance of confidence and trust. You have to be confident in your own abilities, trust that you will be able to succeed and trust your teammates,” shared Sgt Atiqah as she reflected on her sporting experience.

Sgt Atiqah, who is also the captain of the Women Dragonboat team in the PCG, also shared that the sport helped her to improve her management and motivation skills. “I have learnt to better manage and motivate my team. Staying optimistic and motivated is vital to the success of the team’s performance,” she reiterated before she and her team resumed their training. 

Darting’ as One


It was no surprise when the PSA Sports Team of the Year award was presented to the PSA Dart Team. The team clinched a series of gold medals in all the PSA, Public Service Division and IFG competitions that they took part in, including the Home Team Sports and Recreation Association Games and Public Service STAR Games. At the WPFG in Los Angeles, the team won two Bronze medals, which is a significant achievement as the competition involved police forces from all around the world! 

DSP Ong, a senior Personal Security Officer with the Police Security Command, who is also the convenor for the sport, spoke fondly of the team’s growth over the past three years. He recalled the time when he was approached by PSA to popularise the sport within the Force. “Growing the team was not an easy task as not many officers understood the basics of the game. Moreover, there were not many members when the team was formed,” said DSP Ong. Not only did he actively participated in the competitions, he also managed to recruit more members and organised dart competitions within the SPF. Since 2015, the PSA Dart Team has grown in size from a humble 89-member team to a team with over 200 members

Be it at work or playing a game of darts, DSP Ong stressed the importance of having a clear mind and keeping one’s composure which would better help one to strategise and plan. As the conversation came to an end, he expressed his hopes for more officers to join the darting team and eventually represent the Force in future competitions.

Kudos to all the award winners!

Last Updated on 21 November 2018