17 July 2019

SPF’s Got Talent: SPF Band Musicians

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By: Syam Roslan

(Photos: Public Affairs Department)

Currently the oldest band in Singapore, the Singapore Police Force (SPF) Band has won numerous accolades both at home and abroad. Rooted in its mission to promote the SPF brand through its music and performances, the SPF band never fails to impress its audience with their innovative renditions of a wide repertoire of music.

Curious to find out what constantly fuels their passion, Police Life caught up with two SPF Band musicians to find out more about their experiences.



Station Inspector Mohamad Zulkiffli Bin Selamat

Team Leader (Woodwind Section) and Concert Master, SPF Band

Instruments: Trombone, Flute, Recorder and Bagpipes


What sparked your interest in music?


It all started when I was in secondary school. I played the trombone in the school band and there was a strong camaraderie amongst the band members. We treated each practice like the real deal and our band conductor expected nothing less even during sectionals. Grounded in our school motto “Potest Qui Vult” which means “He who wills, can”, we would always give our best during school

performances and competitions such as the Singapore Youth Festival. I like how music brings people together and more importantly, how it instils discipline in me.




How did you join the SPF Band?


One of my secondary school seniors encouraged me to join the SPF Band while I was serving in the Police Coast Guard. Coincidentally, I was approached by the SPF Band to attend an audition after they saw my flute performance during the Police Coast Guard Family Day Carnival. I passed the audition and joined the SPF Band in 2009.


What is your most memorable moment as an SPF Band musician?


There have been many cherished memories. If I had to pick one, it would be my first overseas performance. We were in Hokkaido, Japan for the World Police Band Concert. During the street parade, we experienced performing in the snow. It was truly magical. Apart from that once-in-a-lifetime experience, I felt extremely proud to promote the SPF brand through our music and receive compliments from people who watched our performance for the first time.


Any advice to share with aspiring police officers or musicians who wish to join the SPF Band?

Your motivation and determination to persevere will come naturally so long as you have a strong passion for music. Stamina, dedication and discipline coupled with good communication and interpersonal skills are important if you want to be a part of the band family.



Station Inspector Emiliah Binte Senin

Deputy Team Leader (Women Police Pipes and Drums), Chief Musician, SPF Band

Roles: Bagpipes, Singer, Dancer

What sparked your interest in music?


I developed a strong interest in music as a child. From the age of five, my parents exposed me to different genres of music including classical, pop, rock and jazz. I especially enjoyed the tunes of Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Dionne Warwick, and music from the classic Motown Records. I decided to pursue singing as my love for music grew with every melody I heard. I was never shy growing up. Back in those days when we were still living in the kampung, I would randomly sing and perform for my friends. I am glad and blessed to be able to live my dream as I am able to join like-minded music enthusiasts in the SPF Band.


How did you join the SPF Band?


During my basic police training stint, I won a singing competition that was held for the trainees at the Old Police Academy and was talent-scouted to join the SPF Band. Prior to that, I had no formal musical training nor could I play any instruments. After joining the SPF Band, I slowly learnt the ropes of playing the bagpipes and became the resident singer for the SPF Band. Picking up a new instrument was not a walk in the park, especially since I did not have prior music training. Nonetheless, I was determined to perfect this skill. I would practise for at least two hours each day

in addition to the training that I received. When needed, I brought my personal electronic chanter home to practise and memorise songs. I would also make sure to arrive early before any training and practice sessions to ensure that I am prepared to perform my parts.


What is your most memorable moment as an SPF Band musician?


The most memorable moment for me was the performance in Brunei alongside the SPF Combo Band back in 2008. This performance was a special one as were invited to perform for the Sultan of Brunei’s Birthday Celebration and I managed to successfully sing a challenging opera song titled ‘Nessun Dorma’. It gave me a great sense of satisfaction and honour to represent the SPF at such a high-profile event through our music.


Any advice to share with aspiring police officers or musicians who wish to join the SPF Band?


As long as you have the passion and are looking for more excitement on top of your policing duties, go for it! You will never know what other musical talents you actually have till you try.

Last Updated on 18 July 2019