24 July 2019

Seeing Double

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By Irwan Shah (Photos: Public Affairs Department)

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to have a twin? Perhaps growing up as a twin would be really fun and thrilling given all those tales about twins’ telepathy and identity swapping. The truth is, we may never know unless we have a twin of our own. In this issue, Police Life caught up with the Singapore Police Force’s (SPF) very own pair of twins, Staff Sergeant (SSgt) Suhairin and SSgt Suhazrin, from the Traffic Police (TP) as we take a peek into their lives, growing up together as twins and how their bond remains unbreakable throughout the years.




Growing Up


11 minutes is all that stands between SSgt Suhairin and SSgt Suhazrin in terms of age. Since young, the twins have always been inseparable, and they have never missed a single birthday celebration together. They also share many similar interests such as football, and have never missed a Manchester United match. They even have very similar food preferences and a mutual dislike for durian.


“Throughout our schooling years, we were in the same class. I think it was great because we managed to spend more time with each other,” reminisced SSgt Suhazrin. “We were even in the same music band during our secondary school years and performed together at our prom night. It was definitely one of the many memorable moments we had together, added SSgt Suhairin.


Many of their peers could not tell them apart due to their uncanny resemblance to each other, and a case of mistaken identity is ever-present in the twins’ lives even to this day.


“Once, when I was reporting for my morning shift, a colleague came to me and asked how I managed to change my uniform so fast! He claimed that he saw me the night before, riding out for my night shift. I had no recollection of ever meeting or knowing this person so I just smiled and left. The officer was simply left stunned and confused. Later, I found out that he was my twin’s new colleague and finally, everything made sense,” laughed SSgt Suhairin as he recalled that candid exchange.


Fortunately for them, their girlfriends – now turned wives – managed to distinguish them with ease.


Fated Together




Joining the SPF was a natural choice for the twins as they were influenced by family members and relatives who served in uniformed organisations. Their uncle was in the SPF’s Police Coast Guard (PCG) and their aunt was in TP. Another person who played a big role in the twins’ decision was their father, an ex-fireman who still serves in the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF). Growing up, the twins always find themselves intrigued by the stories shared by their father and relatives about their work. The tales of the officers’ courage and resilience in carrying out their duties greatly inspired the twins to join the SPF.


Fate continued to bring the twins together even when they least expected it. Upon graduation from the Police Officer Basic Course, the twins were surprised when they received news that they were posted to the same unit!


“We indicated our posting options in the same order of preference. When I heard that my brother got into TP, I realised that there might be a chance that I did not get in. Fate decided otherwise, and I was also posted to TP. I was really thrilled and thankful that we could be together again,” quipped SSgt Suhazrin.


Keeping the Bond Alive


Despite their varying work schedules, the twins always make it a point to spend time with each other, on top of spending time with their own families. This includes organising sleepovers at each other’s homes or going on family vacations together.


“My sister-in-law said that my relationship with my brother is like a phone and a charger. When we meet, we talk as if nobody is around us and if we do not meet for a long time, our “batteries” grow weak. Thankfully, our spouses are very understanding when it comes to our relationship,” chuckled SSgt Suhazrin.


The communication between the twins is essential for their professional growth since they both get to share and learn from each other’s experiences. Such exchanges also help them to better prepare for the unique situations that they may face on the job as TP officers, patrolling their individual sectors.


Staying Committed


The twins are each other’s pillar of strength. They will always remind each other to think positively and to do their job sincerely. Be it in school or at work, the twins have always supported each other through thick and thin.


“As TP officers, we remain committed to ensuring that our roads remain safe. That is our priority. At the end of the day, we all want to get home to our family safe and sound. So, remember to ride safe, and ride home safely,” affirmed SSgt Suhairin.

Last Updated on 24 July 2019