09 October 2019

Stars of the Force

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By: J. Jaidurga and Hadi Hafidz

(Photos: Public Affairs Department)

C.L.I.F. 5 is getting a dose of reality with its force of reel and real officers. Meet the Singapore Police Force’s (SPF) very own ‘celebrities’ below, dishing out their roles and unforgettable on-screen moments.


Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Leslie Kang




I played the role of an Investigation Officer (IO) from the Criminal Investigation Department in C.L.I.F. 5 and that brought back bittersweet memories of my IO foundation posting in Ang Mo Kio Division some 15 years ago. As opposed to my on-screen role, I currently serve as the Chief Investigation Officer with the Traffic Police, supporting the Head Investigation in overseeing the running of our Investigation Service Centre.


Apart from some stage drama in secondary school, I have had no experience in acting. As such, taking on the role in C.L.I.F. 5 was both interesting and challenging. For instance, scenes on case discussion involving long complicated dialogues were not easy to perfect. It was helpful to truly engage in the discussion rather than to merely regurgitate the lines. In the show, I was also required to assist my senior, Pierre Png, in the re-enactments of certain crime scenes. In one particular scene, I had to be ‘strangled’ by Pierre with some true force to make it realistic. Fortunately, the scene was perfected within two to three takes! There were also some light-hearted moments. I remember an overnight filming session at Labrador Park which was particularly trying. It was a dark gloomy night with the perfect ambience for a solemn scene… save for an odd crowing rooster that kept interrupting our takes! While that was a little disruptive, it certainly cracked the team up whenever the rooster crowed.


The filming of C.L.I.F. 5 had been a very unique and memorable experience. I feel honoured to be involved and am very thankful to have supportive bosses and colleagues who made this possible. I am also impressed by the professionalism and camaraderie of the Mediacorp crew. Seeing myself on-screen for the first time feels a little strange, but I hope that my acting is convincing enough.



Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) (V) Matthew Yap



Photo: Mediacorp


I played the role of a Police Coast Guard Command Centre (POLCOM) Team Leader who was responsible for overseeing coastal surveillance from the command centre and relaying distress messages to the PCG patrol boats for response. In reality, I am actually a Volunteer Special Constabulary (VSC) officer with the PCG overseeing the administration and training for PCG’s

VSC officers.


As a VSC officer, I am honoured and privileged to once again be part of the SPF cast in this production. This season had been an amazing experience. In fact, C.L.I.F. 5 was more challenging than before as I had more lines and screen time. Besides memorising the lines, I also made an effort to visualise the expressions that my character needed on set. On the actual filming day, we still did over 10 takes of the same scene, from various angles. Sometimes, there were even two cameras shooting at the same time. Regardless of the number of retakes, we had to keep our energy level high to ensure that we looked our best on screen.


Although the filming process was tough, I am glad to have been given this opportunity to do my part for the Force. While I have seen the PCG officers in action in the command centre, reciting similar lines while trying to look natural walking around in the POLCOM compound required consistent effort and focus. Looking relaxed in an unfamiliar place, is not as easy as we imagined when watching our favourite actors on screen. You need to be composed as you immerse yourself in the role while mentally filtering stares from the crew and actors behind the camera. This was another pressure

that I had to learn to overcome and I am glad that I could do it. The experience was all worthwhile. Enjoy C.L.I.F. 5!


Sergeant (Sgt) Sky Lian Yong Ming




I played the role of Head Manpower in the PCG where I was responsible for planning the respective patrol teams’ manpower needs alongside the PCG Team Leaders. In reality, I am a Ground Response Force (GRF) officer at Queenstown Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC), where I attend to ‘999’ calls and conduct police patrols to ensure the safety of my jurisdiction.


Although this is my second time acting in C.L.I.F., it still felt like a brand new experience for me. Besides exploring a different role, I was also given the chance to row with the SPF’s dragon boat team, which I had no prior experience with and had to learn on the spot. The physical challenge was real! As part of a dragon boat competition scene, we had to row hard for several rounds under the scorching sun in Bedok Reservoir so that the camera crew could capture different angles. I recall that we did four takes. It was really exhausting but fun and exciting at the same time! Now I know how resilient our SPF dragon boaters are!


While filming was tiring, I really enjoyed the experience as I learnt a great deal about what it meant by ‘striving for excellence’! The actors and production crew demanded a very high level of standards from themselves. Even the slightest imperfection would not be accepted. I am truly inspired by their spirit!


Sergeant (Sgt) Isabella Then Li Ling




I played the role of an Investigation Officer (IO). In reality, I am a GRF officer at Jurong East NPC where I patrol the neighbourhoods to prevent, deter and detect crime.


As an IO in C.L.I.F. 5, I had two scenes. The first scene showed me escorting a victim out of the Police Cantonment Complex while the second scene showed me updating my teammates, Inspector Seow (Pierre Png), and Sergeant Peh (Kayly Loh), on the details of a crime case.


This is my first time acting in a TV drama. Although I was not given any lines, I felt really nervous acting alongside the seasoned artistes. I was also worried about causing retakes from my mistakes. But the artistes were very patient and supportive throughout the filming. They even guided me on how to make my acting look realistic.


I was especially surprised to learn that filming a scene that is only 10 to 15 seconds long, can actually take many hours to perfect. This is not only because of acting mishaps, but also because some scenes are required to be shot from many angles to ensure that the crew will have more perspectives of the scene for the editing process. This experience has definitely enriched my perspectives in life!


Senior Staff Sergeant (SSSgt) Benjamin Cheah Fook Yeong



I played the role of a PCG patrol officer, SSSgt Alvin Ang Jin Yun from the PCG Brani Regional Base, who worked under the supervision of Insp Wong Man Ting (Rebecca Lim). In reality, I am a Community Policing Unit (CPU) officer with Woodlands East NPC where I mainly conduct proactive interactive patrols, SGSecure house visits and follow up on cases under my precinct.


The media scene is not something that I am unfamiliar with. I started acting in primary school and was involved in a couple of Channel 8 drama productions. Since then, I stopped and only began acting again when I was casted for various SPF in-house video productions, SPF recruitment television commercials and Crimewatch. I first acted in C.L.I.F. 4 where I played the role of an IO.


In C.L.I.F. 5, I spent most of the time filming out at sea and at various Singapore offshore islands. From pursuing fugitives on foot to performing high–speed boat chase scenes, C.L.I.F. 5 was really an exciting experience for me! I also had the opportunity to undergo training with the Mediacorp artistes at the PCG Brani Regional Base to prepare for our roles. We went through basic weapons handling training and it was different from the training that I had received as a GRF officer. As on-screen PCG officers, we had to learn how to handle other weapons such as the HK-MP5 and M4 Carbine in addition to pistols and revolvers.


Filming can be really tiring. For one of the night scenes that required us to perform the duties of the Coastal Hardening Strike Force, filming lasted till the break of dawn. We were all exhausted but we were happy to have completed the filming mission. At the end of the day, it was the C.L.I.F. spirit that kept us going, throughout the filming. I am thankful for the opportunity to be part of this production.


Special Constable Sergeant (Sc/Sgt) Sam Lee Wei Lin




I played the role of an officer in the PCG’s Special Task Squadron (STS), who happened to have the same name as me. You may notice me acting alongside SSSgt Thiam (Joel Choo), as I was one of his close friends in the show! As opposed to my on-screen character who is a regular officer, I am currently serving my National Service (NS) as an Assistant Trainer in the training unit of the Public

Transport Security Command.


This is my first time acting but standing in front of a camera is not foreign to me. Before I started my NS stint with the SPF, I used to model for various fashion shows, commercial videos and product promotions. However, acting can be challenging because of the difficulty in bringing out the emotions of my character. But the entire filming process was enriching and fruitful for me as I had the opportunity to get up close and learn from the artistes.


I like how the series constantly reminds us of the importance of teamwork in the SPF. Stay tuned to see how I was saved by SSSgt Thiam in one of the scenes where I was trapped under a boat. I feel that this is one scene that all police officers can relate to. It is a strong sense of teamwork and camaraderie that keeps our officers going even in times of difficulty.


Despite the many memorable moments in the show, it was the police funeral episode that I hold close to heart. As a matter of fact, all police officers put their lives on the line to protect our country and loved ones. It is important for us to stay vigilant and responsible to ensure a safe and secure Singapore for all.

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