03 August 2018

Traffic And Security Arrangements For National Day Parade 2018

The National Day Parade (NDP) 2018 will be held on Thursday, 9 August 2018, at the Float @ Marina Bay.

Security Arrangements

Large crowds are expected at the areas around the Marina Bay. The public is advised to be vigilant and to safeguard their belongings. 

Members of the public attending the NDP are advised to arrive early to allow ample time for security checks and to find their seats before the start of the Parade. Admission into The Float @ Marina Bay will only be allowed for ticket holders and the gates will open at 4 pm. Each ticket admits one person only, regardless of age (including infants). Checks on persons and belongings will be conducted as a condition of entry into the Floating Platform to ensure safety and security at the event. The public is advised to minimise the amount of personal belongings brought into the venue to facilitate quick security clearance.

Any container (100ml capacity or larger) containing liquid, aerosol or gel will be subjected to additional checks. Canned drinks and canned items will not be allowed into the venue. Each ticket holder will receive an NDP Fun Pack which includes items such as bottles of water and light snacks. Actions may be taken against anyone who attempt to bring in prohibited items listed in Annex A.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), including drones are prohibited within the Special Event Area (refer to Annex B). It is an offence to bring or fly UAVs into the Special Event Area without a valid permit. It is also an offence to fly a UAV outside of the Special Event Area in a manner that disrupts, interferes with, delays or obstructs the conduct of NDP 2018. Offenders may be arrested and upon conviction, be liable to an imprisonment term for up to 12 months, a fine of up to $20,000, or to both. The UAV will be seized.

Traffic Arrangements

To facilitate the event, there will be road closures around the area. Please see Annex C for the timings of the road closures.

During the events, access to the roads and lanes mentioned in Annex C will only be granted to authorised vehicles displaying the approved labels as well as Police and emergency vehicles. Police officers, Auxiliary Police officers and Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) marshals will be deployed at the affected junctions to assist and direct motorists. Public bus services affected by the road closures will be diverted. Those travelling to these affected areas are strongly advised to use public transport.

Traffic delays are expected along Raffles Boulevard, Raffles Avenue, Republic Avenue, Bras Basah Road, North Bridge Road, Parliament Place, Coleman Street, Stamford Road, Nicoll Highway, Esplanade Drive and Bayfront Avenue. Motorists are advised to plan their route early and avoid these roads.

Motorists proceeding to Suntec City and Marina Square from Crawford Street and Ophir Road are advised to use alternate routes via Nicoll Highway or Beach Road. Those travelling to the vicinity of Suntec City and Marina Square are advised to use public transport.

Parking restrictions along the peripheral roads will be strictly enforced. Vehicles found parking indiscriminately and/or causing obstruction will be towed. 

Post-Event Dispersal

After the Parade has ended, dispersal is likely to be slow due to the large crowds expected in the Marina Bay area. The public is advised to be patient and to follow the directions of the SAF marshals as well as the Police.

As Esplanade MRT Station, Bayfront MRT Station and Promenade MRT Station are expected to be very crowded during dispersal, commuters are advised to head towards alternative stations such as City Hall MRT Station or Raffles Place MRT Station.

Members of the public may contact the organiser at the hotline: 1800-637-2017 for further enquiries on the event and road closures.


  1. Any noxious or offensive substance.
  2. A marine flare and signal, landing flare, highway fuse, smoke generator, distress signal or other pyrotechnic device intended for signalling, warning, rescue or similar purposes.
  3. Any petroleum or flammable material within the meaning of the Fire Safety (Petroleum and Flammable Materials) Regulations (Cap. 109A, Rg 7).
  4. An explosive within the meaning of the Arms and Explosives Act (Cap. 13).
  5. Any arms within the meaning of the Arms and Explosives Act.
  6. An item capable of attaching a person to an object or another person, or preventing removal of any locking or connecting device.
  7. An aerosol paint container or other implement or substance that is capable of being used to mark graffiti.
  8. A loud hailer.
  9. Any flag, banner, poster or placard.
  10. Any public address system, electronic equipment, broadcast equipment or similar device which may interfere with broadcast equipment or similar devices being used by —
    1. the event organiser of the National Day Parade 2017 at or for the special event; or
    2. a person, authorised by the event organiser or under the Act, to use such equipment or devices.
  11. A remotely piloted aircraft system for a remotely piloted aircraft, comprising —
    1. the remotely piloted aircraft;
    2. every remote pilot station associated with the remotely piloted aircraft containing the equipment used to pilot that aircraft;
    3. the command and control links between the remotely piloted aircraft and its remote pilot station or stations and other command; and
    4. any other components, as specified in the type design of the remotely piloted aircraft system, to fly that aircraft.

Annex A




Firearms/Parts of Firearms, including empty magazines and spent cartridges (with percussion cap attached) etc


Live Bullet/Blank


Air Pistol/Rifle or parts


Spear Gun


Explosive/Blasting cap/Dynamite/Corrosive Substance






Bearing scrapper


Walking Stick with Dagger


Antique Pistol/Gun


Stun Gun




Night Stick


Signal Flare and other Flammable materials




Tear-Gas Spray/Pepper spray




Knuckle Duster


Cross Bow


Industrial Acid


Bullet proof vest


Bullet or gun-shaped key chains


Wooden /Metal Spear


Lighter in Gun, Pistol, Bullet, Grenade shape


Toy gun which resemble actual gun




Any sharp items that can be used as a weapon


Unmanned Aircraft, including drones


Other Items Not Allowed Into Event Venue


Canned Items, including canned drinks


Annex B


The Special Event Area (outlined in black) is bounded by the following (commencing from the southern-most point and proceeding in a clockwise manner).

  1. Marina Boulevard
  2. Finlayson Green
  3. D’Almeida Street
  4. Malacca Street
  5. Market Street
  6. Chulia Street
  7. South Canal Road
  8. Circular Road
  9. South Bridge Road
  10. North Bridge Road
  11. High Street
  12. Hill Street
  13. Victoria Street
  14. Middle Road
  15. North Bridge Road
  16. Tan Quee Lan Street
  17. Beach Road
  18. Ophir Road
  19. Nicoll Highway
  20. Western bank of the Marina Reservoir
  21. East Coast Parkway
  22. Rhu Cross
  23. Eastern boundary of Gardens by the Bay East
  24. Southern boundary of Gardens by the Bay East
  25. Coastline
  26. Marina Bridge
  27. Coastline
  28. Carpark of Marina Barrage
  29. Marina Gardens Drive

Annex C


Roads and Lanes Affected

Periods of Closures

  1. Temasek Avenuetowards Temasek Boulevard (Fountain of Wealth) (between Raffles Avenue and Raffles Boulevard)

From 9.00 am to 11.00 pm

  1. Temasek Avenuetowards Bayfront Avenue (between Raffles Avenue and Raffles Boulevard)


  2. Raffles Avenue (between Raffles Boulevard and Esplanade Drive)


  3. Republic Boulevard towards Raffles Avenue (between Republic Avenue & Raffles Avenue)


  4. Bayfront Avenue (between ERP gantry & Raffles Avenue)


  5. Raffles Link towards Raffles Avenue

From 2.00 pm to 11.00 pm

  1. Nicoll Highway (between Raffles Boulevard and Stamford Road)


  2. Esplanade Drive (between Raffles Avenue and Fullerton Road)


  3. Stamford Road (between Nicoll Highway and St Andrew’s Road)


  4. Connaught Drive


  5. Fullerton Road in the direction of Collyer Quay (between Connaught Drive and Collyer Quay)


  6. Collyer Quay in the direction of Shenton Way (between Fullerton Road and Marina Boulevard)

From 8.00 pm to 11.00 pm

03 August 2018 @ 8:00PM

Last Updated on 17 August 2018