12 September 2019

Man Arrested For Loanshark Harassment

The Police have arrested a 27-year-old man for his suspected involvement in two cases of loanshark harassment.

On 9 September 2019, the Police were alerted to two separate cases of loanshark harassment along Jalan Rajah and Potong Pasir where the doors of the residential units were splashed with paint.

Through investigations and with the aid of images from police cameras, officers from Tanglin Police Division established the identity of the man and arrested him on 11 September 2019. Preliminary investigations revealed that the man is believed to be involved in other similar cases reported island-wide.

 The man will be charged in court on 13 September 2019 under the Moneylenders Act (Revised Edition 2010). First time offenders found guilty of loanshark harassment shall be fined not less than $5,000, and not more than $50,000, with mandatory imprisonment of up to 5 years, and mandatory caning of up to 6 strokes.

The Police have zero tolerance against loanshark harassment activities. Those who deliberately vandalise properties, cause annoyance and disruptions to public safety, peace and security, will be dealt with severely in accordance with the law.

Members of the public are advised to stay away from loansharks and not work with or assist the loansharks in any way. The public can call the Police at ‘999’ or the X-Ah Long hotline at 1800-924-5664 if they suspect or know of anyone who could be involved in loansharking activities. 

12 September 2019 @ 3:00PM

Last Updated on 12 September 2019