Cases Under Public Agencies

The Singapore Police Force is committed to providing a high standard of service to the Public. However, our officers often receive several kinds of requests that do not fall directly under our purview. Furthermore, those requests usually relate to non-emergency matters where Police assistance is not necessary.

As our officers must always be ready to respond to any genuine emergency request, we will not deal with cases that are not directly related to safety or security.

You should contact the government departments or agencies that are directly responsible to handle your requests. The following is a list of common functions handled by other Public agencies:


  1. Corroded air-conditioner casings.
  2. Illegal parking at HDB car parks.
  3. Illegal parking along HDB service roads, at loading/unloading parking lots or in front of rubbish collection centres.
  4. Nuisance caused by renovation works in HDB flats.
  5. Infringement of the lease/tenancy agreement by commercial lessees/tenants operating within HDB premises.
  6. Un-neighbourly behaviours.


  1. Unattended and potentially dangerous items left on the parapet or windowsill.
  2. Permits for hosting functions at void decks and community areas.
  3. Noise from Town Council managed community areas such as communal halls, pavilions etc.
  4. Residents playing games at common areas causing nuisance.
  5. Obstruction of common walkway by goods and wares displayed outside shops.
  6. Water dripping from wet clothing.
  7. Misuse of water and electricity from Public source at common areas.
  8. Illegal parking, painting or repairing of motorcycles at void decks, footpaths and aprons surrounding HDB blocks.
  9. Putting up signs and advertisements at lift lobbies and common areas.
  10. Damage to common property.
  11. Dumping of objects and debris at common areas.
  12. Obstruction of common property.

Note: The above list is a generic one. Please contact your respective Town Councils for details on the types of services which come under their purview.


  1. Noise pollution from construction sites, roads, road works and religious buildings.
  2. Complaints of illegal hawking.
  3. Hygiene in food establishments and food centres.
  4. Health nuisance caused by air pollution, dust and smoke.
  5. Feedback on littering at public places.
  6. Feedback on smoking at prohibited areas.


  1. Complaints on stray animals.
  2. Complaints on unleashed or un-muzzled dogs.
  3. Reporting of animal cruelty cases.


  1. Complaints of faulty traffic-lights.
  2. Maintenance of road facilities such as overhead bridges, pedestrian footpaths and bus shelters.
  3. Illegal vehicle modifications.
  4. Obstruction of Public roads by skip-bins, rubbish bins and other objects.
  5. Illegal parking along public roads and footways.


CMCs were set up by the Ministry of Law to resolve social and relational conflicts amicably through mediation. Mediation is a flexible and informal process to isolate disputed issues, develop options and explore alternatives so as to ultimately reach a consensual settlement. If you have a dispute with your family, friends or neighbours and a crime was not committed, you should contact CMCs directly for assistance.

Click here for a list of contact information of the relevant agencies on non-police matters.

Last Updated on 21 April 2016