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    UK Prime Land Pte Ltd

    It was almost a perfect crime. They incorporated a company to offer a landbanking investment scheme. It was pitched as an opportunity of a lifetime and was guaranteed to make money. What the victims did not realise was that the offer was too good to be true as the land they have invested in does not exist.

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    Human Trafficking

    He had preyed on "lost children" in need for money and looking for legitimate jobs. He sexually exploited at least two teenage girls and forced them into prostitution. Watch how the officers from the Speciallised Crime Branch of the Criminal Investigation Department track down the culprit and stopped his crime sprees.

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    Cyber Terror

    Criminals today are coming up with more ways to cheat unsuspecting members of public online. In this episode of Cimewatch, we take a look of how the syndicate used a job advertisement to lure their victim and turned them into money-mule

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    Murder at McNair Road

    One morning in December 2013, a decapitated female Indian body was found floating in the canal along McNair Road. Her head and hands were severed and wrapped in a clear cling wrap and covered in a black trash bag. See how the officers from the Special Investigation Section of the Criminal Investigation Department solved who the murderer was, and his friend who assisted in the disposal of the deceased's body.

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    Adulterated Alcohol

    They collected used liquor bottles from pubs and stored it at their 'Bottles Collection Centre'. They refilled the bottles with adulterated alcohol at their 'Liquor Manufacturing Plant' and sold to various pubs and clubs through their 'Distribution Centre'. See how the officers from the Intellectual Property Rights Branch of the Criminal Investigation Department sprung to action, raided all the 3 factories and arrested the syndicate members.

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    Credit-For-Sex Scam

    How did a "Credit-For-Sex" scam's victim become a "runner" for a Chinese scam syndicate? See how the officers from the Commercial Affairs Department tracked down and nabbed the local culprit. The officers also worked with the Police of the People's Republic of China and smashed one of the largest scam cases targeting Singapore.

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    Gang Robbery

    A carefully calculated robbery committed by a group of 9 Indian men armed with weapons. Tune in to the first episode of Crimewatch in 2016 and see how the officers from the Central Division sprung to action and arrested all 9 of them in just 2 days.

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    2013 Singapore Cyber Attacks

    In 2013, Singapore encountered a series of cyber attacks allegedly committed by the hacktivist organisation "Anonymous". A member known by the online handle, "The Messiah" claimed responsibility for the attacks. Watch how the officers from the Police Technology Crime Investigation Branch of the Criminal Investigation Department cracked this series of hackings and arrested the mastermind behind these cyber attacks.

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    House-Breaking and Theft

    "He didn't need any housebreaking tools. He relied on your lax home security to commit the crime." Watch how the officers from Jurong Division cracked a series of housebreaking cases and arrested the culprit.

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    Love Scam

    Don't be blinded by love. Watch how a victim lost her savings to a virtual boyfriend and learn how to avoid falling prey to online predators. Through this segment, we also highlight cybercriminal activities targeted at users of social media and how stolen personal information can be used to commit fraud. Viewers will also learn about cybercrime prevention from experts.

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Last Updated on 13 November 2017