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Five Malaysian members of international counterfeit credit card syndicate jailed

"Five members of a transnational counterfeit credit card syndicate have been jailed for a period ranging from 17 months to 44 months for possessing counterfeit cards and forged identity documents, and cheating, among other things….”

Siblings jailed for conspiring to receive stolen $400k

"Two siblings have been jailed for conspiring with a man to dishonestly receive more than $400,000 derived from scam proceeds….”



Woman jailed for taking ill-gotten cash to Johor

"A Malaysian woman was handed on five occasions in September a total of $216,000 in ill-gotten gains which she was told to transport from Singapore to Johor Baru...”

Man in debt to loan sharks jailed for making fake notes

"Broke and indebted to loan sharks, Man decided to print fake currency notes for use…”

Teacher who used fake notes gets 3 years’ jail

"A secondary school teacher who made two counterfeit $100 notes before using them to pay a Vietnamese masseuse was sentenced to three years’ jail…”

Two money mules in credit-for-sex syndicate jailed 12 months and 10 months respectively

Two men who served as money mules in a credit-for-sex syndicate were jailed on Monday for money laundering…”



Easy job? Con job?

"Man, 19, arrested over fake job scam, victims cheated of $14,000 in total..."

43 arrested for credit-for-sex-scams

"Forty-three members of a fraud syndicate that tricked Singaporean men into paying for non-existent sexual services were arrested in China last month..."



Jobless man jailed for e-shopping scams carried out while on bail

"Dwight Soriano cheated 34 victims of about $30,000 through online scams. He was jailed 17 months after he admitted to 19 out of 70 cheating charges..."



Money mule gets 6 years' jail for laundering $5m

"Singaporean woman became part of classic Nigerian get-rich-easy scam..."



Jailed 8 months for role in money scam

"Lawyer says woman was duped by a man she met on a dating site..."

Last Updated on 23 January 2018