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Industry Safety and Security Watch Group (iSSWG) Scheme


Given that terrorism remains an elusive threat and that crime has taken on a multi-faceted dimension which cannot be effectively contained merely by Police efforts alone, our Singapore communities, residential and business communities alike, cannot afford to be complacent and have to work hand-in-hand with the Home Team to fight emerging safety and security concerns. Similarly, the SSWG scheme has to continually evolve to be able to tackle new safety and security challenges ahead.

While geographic-based SSWGs have enabled commercial establishments located in close proximity to institute common safety and security measures to protect against a localised terror attack or crime, t he scope, however, may not sufficiently address the safety and security concerns of the SSWGs at the industry-level, where the impact of a terrorist attack or any other disaster could be far-reaching as the entire chain of operations is disrupted or stalled at the industrial level. The impact would not only cripple the operations of an industry, it would also affect the economic well-being of the country.

The Industry Safety and Security Watch Group (iSSWG) is hence mooted to address this gap. With the formation of the iSSWG, Police can systematically engage selected industries on safety and security issues at a more holistic level. It also promotes the strengthening of ties between the police and industrial associations to fight crime and terrorism and enhances existing engagements for greater robustness and long term sustainability. As industries differ in risk-vulnerability and mode of operations, the iSSWG engagement would be customised to adequately meet the needs of respective industries.

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How are iSSWGs formed?

Formation of iSSWG is based on threat-level assessments by the Police. Industries that are assessed to have a comparatively higher level of vulnerability towards terrorism threat will be identified first for formation of iSSWG.

Who should join the iSSWG scheme?

Any organization that belongs to any identified industries are eligible and welcome to participate in the scheme. Below is a list of industries currently identified for formation of iSSWG:

Industry-Type Government Authority / Industrial Association / Council
Chemical Industry Singapore Chemical Industry
Financial Industry Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)
Hotel Industry Singapore Hotels Authorities (SHA)
Retailers, Shopping Centres Orchard Road Business Association (ORBA) 
Manufacturing Industry Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF)

What are the activities of iSSWGs?

Engagement with members of iSSWGs will be carried out together by the Police and relevant government authority/industrial association/council. Below are some examples of activities carried out:

  1. Sharing of relevant crime statistics, concerns and preventive measures that will enable iSSWG members to better protect themselves from criminalities;
  2. Sharing of relevant information on terrorism-related activities and issues that will enable iSSWG members to take up measures to heighten their alertness and protect themselves from becoming easy targets of terrorism;
  3. Sharing the effectiveness of safety procedures and techniques that can enable iSSWG members to exercise self-help in the event of need;
  4. Raising awareness and vigilance against crime and terrorism so that critical business communities can be involved in the nation’s quest to combat crime and terrorism;
  5. Encouraging members to exercise responsibility in business continuity management (participate in the Corporate First Responder scheme, assess critical business functions and establish plans to deal with business continuity etc.) so that Singapore’s economy may not be adversely affected in event of untoward incident.
  6. Encouraging members to volunteer their private security personnel on ‘Project Guardian’ so that the latter can be trained to assist the emergency authorities in mitigating a crisis

What are the benefits of joining the iSSWG scheme?

The industry, having formed an iSSWG with the Police, will be able to obtain timely information on terrorism and crime threats confronting them. With such information at hand, they will be better able to adopt preventive measures to protect their businesses. They can also benefit from the Police’s assistance to train and equip members of their industry with the necessary safety and security skills so that they can empower themselves to do more in times of need. This will contribute significantly to making Singapore a safe and secure best home for all.

My company falls under one of the industry identified, how do I register my company on the iSSWG scheme ?

Please contact your Government Authority/Industrial Association/Council to find out about iSSWG of your industry. Alternatively, you may email to for your queries. There are no fees or charges imposed for registration on the iSSWG scheme.

Do I still need to go through my building management to register?

There is no need to go through your building management. You can approach your Government Authority/Industrial Association/Council directly to register.

My company does not fall under one of the industries identified, are we still able to participate in the iSSWG scheme?

If your company does not fall under any of the industries identified, you would not be able to participate in the iSSWG scheme. However, ISD and the Police will review the Industry list from time to time. Do check out the updated list on our website at Alternatively, you can also check if your company is eligible for the geographical-based SSWG scheme if you have not already done so.

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Last Updated on 14 September 2017