Security Guidelines

Dealing With Information Of A Security Threat

When a security threat has been received:

  • Do not panic. Stay calm.
  • Verify the source.
  • Call the Police.
  • Do not spread rumours.

For bomb threat calls:

  • Continue to engage the caller.
  • Alert a colleague to call the Police.
  • Ask the caller for more details such as the identity of the caller, the exact location(s) of the bomb and what the caller hopes to achieve.

Take particular note of the following:

  • Voice characteristic (e.g. the pitch of the voice, male or female, adult or child).
  • Language and accent (e.g. whether local or foreign).
  • Manner of speaking (e.g. deliberate, rapid, emotional, obscene, intoxicated, laughing or joking).
  • Background noises (e.g. music/voices emitting from restaurant, coffee shop or sounds from moving traffic).


Last Updated on 14 September 2017