Road Safety Champions

The Road Safety Champions (RSC) scheme was initiated and started by the Traffic Police (TP) in 2010. The scheme aims to identify and train individuals within the community to be well-versed in road safety education. In this way, the Road Safety Champions will be able to partner TP in raising the awareness of road safety and advocating the importance of being road safety conscious among the road users.

Individuals who are appointed by the Traffic Police as Road Safety Champions will receive training on road safety knowledge by the Traffic Police. In such training sessions, case studies of past accidents are often shared and discussed. In addition, Road Safety Champions will also be taught on public speaking skills and provided with road safety collaterals. This prepares them to share and to promote road safety knowledge to their family, friends and co-workers.

To date, Traffic Police have more than 400 Road Safety Champions who come from various organisations such as the People’s Association (PA), Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT), SBS Transit, and Harley Davidson Singapore.

Road Safety Champions Gathering 2015

TP held its Road Safety Champions Gathering on 7 March 2015 at TP Department from 0900hrs to 1300hrs. This half day session provided a venue for sharing and networking among the Road Safety Champions from various organisations. Traffic Police and Singapore Road Safety Council also took this opportunity to gather RSC’s feedback on methods to increase road safety outreach effectiveness and efficiency.  Guest-of-Honour, AC Sam Tee, Commander Traffic Police and Special Guest, Mr Bernard Tay, Chairman Singapore Road Safety Council launched the Road Safety Champions Facebook Fan page and also presented certificates of appointment to our newly and reappointed RSCs and our committee members were introduced as well.  A total of 144 Road Safety Champions and 6 observers attended this event.

Last Updated on 15 May 2018