Safety Tips

Road Safety Tips for Motorcyclists


There is great concern for the safety of motorcyclists on our roads. Among all users, motorcyclists and pillion riders comprise a large group that is involved in fatal road accidents. Road safety for motorcyclists is of paramount concern, as motorcycle riding requires greater skills and control as compared to driving a car. A motorcyclist is more prone to sustaining injuries in accidents, due to the lack of protection provided by an outer shell, and is may also be less visible on the road.


Here are important reminders to reduce the risks for motorcyclist when riding on the roads:


  • Always check with the retailer if a helmet conforms to the Singapore Standards, SS9:2014 before your purchase. An approved helmet should be affixed with a “TUV SUD PSB Test” label.


  • Wear appropriate riding attire: gear up to ride safe by wearing properly an approved helmet, gloves, jacket, and closed footwear.


  • Ensure that your tyres are not bald and are properly inflated.


  • Turn on your headlights at all times, even during the day, to enhance your visibility to other road users.


  • Concentrate when you ride – always remain vigilant, focus on the road, and have good control of your bike.


  • Never ride when under the influence of alcohol, or when you have taken medication that causes drowsiness.


  • Do not speed – going faster means it will take a longer distance to come to a stop when you brake.


  • Never beat the red light – slow down when nearing traffic lights and be prepared to stop when the traffic lights turn amber:


    • Close the throttle when three arrows away from the junction;

    • Be prepared to brake at the second arrow; and

    • Only open the throttle when at the first arrow to clear pass the junction.


  • Signal in advance when turning or changing lanes; alert other road users of your intention early to prevent traffic accidents.


  • Do not tailgate and always keep a safe following distance as you will have very little time to react if the vehicle in front slows down or brakes suddenly.



Adopt Defensive Riding


To enhance safety, motorcyclists should follow these basic traffic rules and regulations:


  • Keep to your left, unless you are overtaking.


  • Never ride when you have consumed alcohol or have taken medication.


  • Keep a safe distance from other vehicles.


  • Do not swerve in and out of traffic.


  • Do not overtake a convoy of vehicles.


  • Always keep within the road speed limit.


  • Slow down when approaching a bend.


  • Anticipate pedestrians who may dash across the road.


  • Stay on the lookout for children and animal that may dart out unexpectedly.


  • Practice the 2-Second Rule: allow for two seconds between braking and making a full stop behind a vehicle.


  • Stay out of the blind spots of larger vehicles.


Last Updated on 10 May 2018