Safety Tips

Road Safety Tips for Cyclists and Power-Assisted Bicycle Users

Cycling in Singapore


As cycling has become more prevalent in Singapore both as a form of transportation and for leisure, cyclists should recognise their own vulnerability and should always adopt safe cycling behaviours and habits. Road safety is a shared responsibility.


All cyclists should always abide by road traffic rules at all times.


The following are some of the safe cycling tips:


  • Wear safe cycling attire – safeguard yourself from injury by wearing a protective helmet, and use elbow pads and knee pads to cushion the impact of a fall.


  • Wear light-coloured or reflective clothing to enhance your visibility to other road users.


  • Ensure you have a front white light and rear red light or at least a reflector in low-light conditions.


  • Ride a bicycle that fits you.


  • Always check that your bicycle is in good working condition and is properly maintained.




  • Always keep to the left hand edge of the road.


  • Always obey traffic light signals and signs. Be prepared to stop when approaching traffic light junctions when the traffic light turns amber. Cyclists must stop when the traffic light turns red.


  • As per the Active Mobility Code of Conduct, stop and look out for on-coming traffic when approaching pedestrian crossings, and cross only at walking speed. To make yourself more visible to approaching motorists, you are also encouraged to dismount from your bicycle when crossing at traffic junctions and always practice the kerb drill too! Look right, look left. Look right again.


  • Be considerate and look out for pedestrians – especially the elderly and young children.


  • Give pedestrians advance warning as you approach them by ringing your bell.


  • Use hand signals to warn other road users when you stop. Place the left foot on the ground and alight from the left side of the road.




  • Do not cycle on the expressways.


  • Do not cycle against the flow of traffic.


  • NEVER assume you have right of way and always remain alert and vigilant while cycling on the roads. Keep a lookout for other bigger and faster road users.


  • Do not ride in a zigzag manner.


  • Do not carry things, walk a dog, hold an umbrella, or otherwise occupy one hand while cycling.



Using a Power-Assisted Bicycle (PAB)

  • You must only ride a Land Transport Authority (LTA)-approved PAB that is affixed with a valid LTA seal, and have it registered and affixed with a number plate. More details can be found here.


  • You must be at least 16 years of age to ride a PAB.


  • No persons below the age of 16 years old shall be carried as a pillion rider on a PAB.


  • You and your pillion rider must wear a suitable protective bicycle helmet when riding a PAB.


  • You must also observe all traffic rules when using your PAB on the roads – refer to the safety tips for cyclists listed above.


For more information on safe cycling, guidelines and safe uses of PABs and personal mobility devices (PMD), and the code of conduct, check out the LTA’s website here.

Last Updated on 10 May 2018