Road Safety Tips for Heavy Vehicle Drivers

The Use Your RoadSense movement is about building a culture of road safety, good road behaviour that starts from every individual, so that it becomes a social norm, rather than about rules and regulations for all road users.

Shaping a Culture of Good RoadSense with Heavy Vehicle Community

When heavy vehicles are involved in an accident, the damage is greater, and more lives are potentially at risk. The number of accidents involving heavy vehicles rose to 877 in 2015, up from 839 the previous year.

Besides heavy vehicle drivers, the fleet owners and companies can play a key part to ensure the safety of their drivers and other road users.

Please see the circular and info-graphic below to find out more on how we can build a culture of safe road behaviour together! 

Joint circular by Ministry of Manpower and Traffic Police: Click here to see

Info-graphic (English): Click here to see

Info-graphic (Chinese): Click here to see

Heavy Vehicle Drivers

For heavy vehicle drivers, the roads are like their offices. It is important for them to have a good understanding of the importance of road safety. Furthermore, a heavy vehicle accident could potentially cause greater damage and implications than other vehicles, thus it is even more important for heavy vehicle drivers to be inspired and exhibit safe driving behaviours whenever they are on the roads.

Below are some road safety tips for heavy vehicle drivers to practise good RoadSense:

  • Rest well and stop driving when feeling tired.

  • Observe and look out for vulnerable road users. Never use handheld devices while driving.

  • Avoid tailgating and keep a safe distance with the vehicle in front.  

  • Do not road hog. Always keep to the left and travel on the slow-moving lane.

  • Stay alert and drive with care. Always check your blindspots.

  • Ensure proper maintenance of the vehicle to prevent spills.

  • Never drink and drive.

  • Speeding kills. Always drive below the road speed limit or vehicle speed limit, whichever is lower.

  • Ensure that vehicle’s speed is reduced when entering school or silver zones.


Heavy Vehicle Fleet Owners and Companies

While it is important for heavy vehicle drivers to be safety-conscious on the roads, it is equally important for fleet owners and companies to educate and heighten their drivers’ road safety awareness through adopting good company practices such as conducting regular road safety talks. This will remind and encourage them to continuously exhibit safe driving behaviours and practise good RoadSense the roads. Good RoadSense will be good business sense. 

Below are some road safety materials to help fleet owners and companies make their drivers a safer driver on the roads.  


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Road Safety Initiatives


Blindspot Stickers

Recognising that road users might not be as familiar with the blind spots of heavy vehicles, large warning stickers have been pasted on close to 70% of Samwoh’s fleet of tipper trucks. A joint-initiative by Samwoh and TP, the Blind Spot Campaign aims to increase awareness of a heavy vehicle’s “danger zones” to other road users, especially pedestrians. The stickers also serve as a reminder to fellow motorists to avoid these areas whenever possible.


Safe Driving Notebook

Jointly developed by the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Council, Singapore Road Safety Council (SRSC) and Traffic Police, a new driver’s notebook was launched and distributed to fleet owners. Filled with tips for vocational road users, the aim is to increase risk awareness and serve as a reminder to vocational drivers. The notebook is available in English and Mandarin and can be downloaded here. To learn more about other guidelines on workplace safety and safe driving at work, you may visit the WSH Council website.


The RoadSense Pledge

A programme which encourages heavy vehicle drivers to remain free of accidents and demerit points for a year. Organised in partnership with VICOM, heavy vehicle companies can encourage their drivers to sign up for the programme at the four VICOM inspection centres from 22 April 2016.




Containerised Traffic System (CTS)

The Containerised Traffic System is a communication network system which comprises of hardware and software components. Heavy vehicles like prime movers are installed with a mobile data terminal, keypad, GPS Tracker and antenna. Heavy vehicle companies such as Bok Seng Logistics have adopted this technology to track the movement of their prime movers and trailers. Besides providing real time track and trace capabilities, CTS also allows easier planning and scheduling of jobs thereby optimising the use of resources to achieve higher productivity.


Incentives for Safe Driving

Many companies have implemented safe driving incentive programmes to help make safety efforts successful. Using various measurements, drivers whose safety records are exemplary are rewarded. These incentives may not have to be in monetary form as there are also other incentives that work equally well to help promote a safe culture. For example:

  • Recognition among peers and others. Most people work hard and do their jobs with little fanfare. Publicly recognising excellence, on a wide scale, is something most people would like to receive.


  • Tangible rewards. These can take many forms. Letters of commendation, plaques, and trophies are usually proudly displayed.

Singapore Road Safety Award

This annual award was first introduced in 2013 to recognise Fleet – Owning Companies who promote road safety actively through safety policies in place and providing appropriate training to their drivers and riders. Over the last few years, more categories were added to recognise more road safety efforts and behaviours. This year (2016), there will be 5 categories of awards to be presented, namely:

  • Road Safety Award for Companies with Heavy Goods Vehicle Fleet

  • Road Safety Award for Companies with Bus Fleet

  • Road Safety Award for Companies with Motorcycle Fleet (Food &Beverage Delivery Services and Courier Services)

  • Road Safety Award for Safe Driver (Vocational Licence)

  • Road Safety Award for Most Improved Driver (Vocational Licence)

 For more information on the award details, you may wish to visit Singapore Road Safety Council website.


Road Safety Champions

The Road Safety Champions scheme was initiated and started by the Traffic Police (TP) in 2010. The scheme aims to identify and train individuals within the community to be well-versed in road safety education. In this way, the road safety champions will be able to partner TP in raising the awareness of road safety and advocating the importance of being road safety conscious among the road users.

To learn more about this scheme and become a road safety champion or to enquire on other road safety resources, please contact the Road Safety Branch officers:


Defensive Driving Courses

For information on general defensive driving courses, you may wish to find out more from:

Singapore Safety Driving Centre

Bukit Batok Driving Centre

ComfortDelgro Driving Centre

Last Updated on 10 May 2018