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Keep yourself updated on crime or security-related information. 1. Register for Community Alert Service (CAS) online at this site. 2. Visit to find out more about SGSecure, a call to action for all Singaporeans to Stay Alert, Stay United and Stay Strong. Share the information with your loved ones and friends. Stay updated on the latest Police news and happenings on Singapore Police Force Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Volunteer to be the eyes and ears of the Police and play a key role in keeping your community safe. Sign up for Neighbourhood Watch Group (NWG). Be part of our vigilant community that keeps a mutual look out for one another's homes, suspicious items, behaviour and activities in the neighbourhood and promotes adoption of crime prevention measures. Sign up for Citizens on Patrol (COP) and be part of our team of our residents who proactively patrol their estate to prevent, deter and detect crime.

To find out more about Police CAS, COP and NWG, click here.

To find out more about other volunteering opportunities with the Home Team, click here.