The Singapore Police Force (SPF) commemorates 200 years of policing in 2020 (SPF200). Formed in May 1820, the SPF is one of the oldest government organisations in Singapore. From its humble beginnings as a 12-man team led by Francis James Bernard, the SPF has grown from strength to strength, in tandem with the nation’s progress. Today, the SPF is a strong, professional police force of 15,000 regular officers, civilian staff and Full-time Police National Servicemen, augmented by volunteer police officers and Police Operationally Ready National Servicemen, keeping Singapore one of the safest cities in the world.

The SPF200 stamps were commissioned to commemorate the SPF’s bicentennial year. This set of six stamps features the various police vocations and highlights the strong police-community partnership that keeps Singapore safe and secure every day, as well as pays tribute to SPF pioneering officers who laid a strong foundation for future generations of officers to build on.

Saluting our Past, Safeguarding the Future

SPF200 is a time to commemorate the SPF’s legacy, and to pay homage to its history, heritage and achievements. It is a reflection of the SPF’s evolution and progress. We thank and appreciate the community for partnering us in our efforts to prevent, deter and detect crime over the last 200 years.

SPF200 also reaffirms the SPF’s enduring commitment to be a Force for the Nation, to safeguard our nation every day and make Singapore the safest place in the world. SPF200 expresses our confidence in building a strong police-community partnership, and in future generations of police officers, to bring our legacy into the next 200 years and beyond.


Keeping Our Citizens Safe and Secure (1st local)

As a Force for the nation, the SPF is committed to keeping Singapore safe and secure 24/7. Relentless in its mission to prevent, deter and detect crime, the SPF has also strengthened its response capabilities and is well prepared to effectively deal with security threats.

Connecting With Our Community (60c)

The public’s high level of trust in the SPF is a key cornerstone of its policing strategy. Through the SPF’s collaborative and engagement efforts with the community, the SPF builds a community of prepared citizens who take on active roles alongside the Police to safeguard Singapore every day.  

Safeguarding Our Borders (70c)

From securing our homes to safeguarding our territorial waters and airports, SPF officers are highly trained to fight crime and terrorism to ensure the safety and security of our nation and our people.

Protecting Our Nation (90c)

In times of crises and emergencies, SPF officers are prepared and equipped to neutralise security threats swiftly and decisively.

Inspiring Our Future Generations ($1.15)

The SPF inspires the younger generation to pursue a future career in policing and to make a real difference to the community through its outreach activities.

Saluting Our Pioneers ($1.40)

Singapore is one of the safest cities in the world. This achievement did not come by chance but was built by pioneering officers who dedicated their lives to safeguarding our nation. The SPF salutes not only those who had sacrificed themselves in the line of duty but also all the men and women in the Force, including their families who have been giving their unwavering support towards Singapore’s safety and security.