Specialist and Line Units



The history of the Gurkha Contingent (GC) is intrinsically linked to the formative years of Singapore when it was called upon many times to help restore law and order on the streets. Throughout this period, the unit repeatedly demonstrated its reputation as an effective impartial force characterised by its total discipline and loyalty.

The GC was formed to provide a "strong-arm" within the Police Force capable of quelling civil disturbance and carrying out specialist security tasks. The majority of the unit’s police officers are Gurkhas recruited from a small number of hill tribes in Nepal. These Gurkhas possess the qualities best suited to service in the Contingent, specifically: physical and mental robustness, resourcefulness and an uncomplaining dependability.

Today, the GC carries out many diverse roles for the Singapore Police Force (SPF). These roles are still very much related to the security tasks for which GC was originally formed.


To react rapidly and decisively in support of SPF operations.


As a world-class security unit, tough, vigilant, and steadfast, fully trained and manned, and employing the traditional Gurkha to the best of his natural abilities, the GC is to achieve operational success across the spectrum of para-military operations to help safeguard Singapore.

Last Updated on 14 March 2019