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Commercial Affairs Department

The Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) is the principal white-collar crime investigation agency in Singapore. It safeguards Singapore's integrity as a world-class financial and commercial centre through vigilant and professional enforcement of the laws. It investigates into a wide spectrum of commercial and financial crimes and is an outfit with its own investigative and intelligence resources in the Singapore Police Force.

Our Mission

The mission of CAD is to prevent, deter and detect financial crime.

Our Shared Vision

Our vision is to make Singapore the safest and most trusted place for business and finance.

Six Tenets

Respected Arm Of The Law

We are renowned and respected for our integrity, vigilance & professionalism. We are a strong deterrent to those who are inclined towards commercial crime.

Dynamic & Cohesive Team

We are a dynamic & cohesive team in serving our organisation and society.

People Are Our Most Valued Assets

We believe in meritocracy & developing our staff to their fullest potential.

Dedicated to Service Quality

We take pride in providing excellent service to our customers.

Building Strategic Alliances

We proactively foster partnerships with the community to prevent and combat commercial crime.

Innovative & Creative

We harness cutting edge technology in our pursuit of organisational excellence.

Three Strategic Thrusts

We adopt the same 3 strategic thrusts in line with our parent organisation - the Singapore Police Force's overall strategic focus, which are:

  • Enhancing Operational Capabilities;
  • Building Organisational Resilience; &
  • Strengthening Community Partnership.

CAD Credo on Professionalism

It is very important to CAD that every officer discharges his or her duty with professionalism, objectivity, impartiality and fairness. These tenets are very important and are enshrined in the CAD Credo of Professionalism, which was launched by Commissioner of Police, Mr. Khoo Boon Hui on 15 November 2005.

The Credo of Professionalism provides guiding principles to our officers on the approach they should take to enhance their professionalism and it underscores the department's commitment towards professionalism and excellent service.

We pledge to

  1. Enforce the law professionally, fairly and impartially to all manner of people without fear or favour;
  2. Take pride in our work and strive for par excellence;
  3. Provide excellent service to our customers;
  4. Be firm and show compassion in appropriate cases; and
  5. Conduct our investigations and perform our duties expeditiously and with passion and conviction.
Last Updated on 13 April 2018