Specialist Staff Departments

Police Intelligence Department




Police Intelligence Department (PID) has its roots in the Criminal Intelligence Unit (CIU) of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) which was set up on 1 April 1973 to support CID's investigations. To reap greater synergies and for better intelligence collation across the entire SPF, the CIU was revamped and upgraded to a division of CID in October 1988. It subsequently grew to become a full-fledged Department on 28 March 1996. That marked the tremendous progress of the unit over the years and reflected the importance of Intelligence alongside Investigation and Operations as the 3 key pillars of policing towards effective law enforcement.




PID’s vision is to be:



  • A world-class criminal intelligence agency
  • The navigator for the Force
  • A formidable pillar in keeping our nation safe and secure
  • A family of valued professionals working in and for our best home





The mission of the Police Intelligence Department is to provide useful intelligence to prevent, deter, and detect crime in Singapore


Roles & Functions


The Police Intelligence Department (PID) is responsible for the specialised field of intelligence operations in the SPF. It takes charge of all other intelligence matters, including police intelligence doctrines and related policies in support of SPF’s mission.


PID is also the staff authority for intelligence processing and analysis functions in the SPF. The scope of responsibilities include: enrichment of crime data and information; compilation and dissemination of national crime statistics; assessment of Overall Crimes situation and crime concerns; discovery of criminal groups, syndicates or networks; and identification of environment drivers and trends that impact crime, public order and security in Singapore.

Last Updated on 26 March 2019