Staff Departments



The A & F Department provides directions in all matters concerning administrative and financial matters in the Force, and works closely with in the management and provision of transactional financial functions. Its primary role is to optimise administrative and financial resources to meet the operational needs of the SPF.


To provide timely and effective administrative, finance and procurement services.


A&F Department’s main roles are :

Administration Division

The Administration Division oversees records and office management.

Procurement and Contract Management Division

The Procurement and Contract Management Division oversees procurement, supplier and contract, and supplier partnership and essential firm management.


Budget and Revenue Division

The Budget and Revenue Division is responsible for matters pertaining to resource accounting and budgetary management..


Financial Services Division

The Financial Services Division is responsible for the payment of salaries and allowances, retirement and post-retirement benefits, and compensation to officers.


Strategic Planning and Training Division

The Strategic Planning and Training Division oversees the department’s work plans, manages manpower resources and administration, and also oversees the Financial Training School.

Last Updated on 26 March 2019