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The Inspectorate and Compliance Office (InCO) was formed on 1 September 2012 as an independent and objective department to be responsible for the governance, risk management and internal controls of SPF. Through risk based internal auditing and active risk incident tracking, InCO provides assurance and consultation services for ensuring the effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of the internal controls of high risk areas within SPF. InCO strives to be the voice of influence that is valued, trusted and respected by our stakeholders within and outside SPF.

The Mission of InCO is to provide a fair and accurate assurance to the SPF Senior Management by putting in place a sustainable and effective force-wide risk-based internal control and assurance framework, so as to help them fulfil their oversight responsibilities in Governance, Risk Management and Compliance, in support of SPF Mission.


The InCO has three divisions and they are:

Inspectorate Division (ID)
The ID carries out risk based internal audits and inspections on risk domains of operations, investigation, technology and training. ID also conducts system improvement on high risk areas such as firearms, person in custody and information security etc. ID is responsible for the internal communications on Governance, Risk Management and Compliance matters on a force-wide level.

Compliance Division (CD)
The CD carries out risk based internal audits and inspections on the risk domains of personnel and financial, as well as other non-operational areas such as public communications via social media, adherence to End User Certificate and value assessment of longstanding vendors. CD is responsible for doctrines, professional development and training of SPF officers in the field of Governance, Risk Management and Compliance. CD is the point of contact for Auditor General’s Office (AGO). CD provides advice to all SPF units on matters pertaining to AGO audits and facilitates in responding to AGO queries.

Risk Management Division (RMD)
The RMD provides general oversight on risk related matters at the enterprise level. RMD cascades risk-related insights at the enterprise level on near miss and risk incident reporting, compilation of key risk registers and risk indicators. RMD provides secretarial support for the SPF Risk Management and Audit Committee (RIMAC) and staff issues for MHA Risk Management & Audit Group (RMAG). RMD enables in ensuring SPF’s risk philosophy and processes works effectively within SPF’s staff and command channels, in order to pre-empt risk issues early for timely intervention in fulfilling SPF’s Mission.


Last Updated on 19 November 2018