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Singapore will be implementing the Known Consignor Regime (KCR) in the first half of 2021. It is a security measure to further enhance air cargo security on commercial aircrafts in view of the global terrorist threat and this is a requirement by the International Civil Aviation Organization.

The Singapore Police Force, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry Of Transport and the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore have been consulting and working closely with the industry to prepare for the KCR.

Principles of Known Consignor Regime (KCR)

KCR is based on the underlying principle that aircraft shall operate in secured environment, thereby requiring consignments of cargo transported on commercial aircraft to be subjected to some degree of security measures before they are loaded onto the aircraft. Cargo that has been cleared shall then be protected from unlawful interference or contamination until they are loaded onto the aircraft.

Why you should become a Known Consignor (KC)

Consignors may register to be Known Consignors (KCs) and be included in the List of KCs maintained by Police. KCs who ship their cargo via Regulated Air Cargo Agents will enjoy random screening of their known cargo as they would have already adopted an acceptable level of security in their business operations. On the other hand, consignors who do not wish to register as KCs may continue their current operations but the entire consignments of their cargo will be subjected to full security measures at the airfreight terminals.

Criteria to be a Known Consignor (KC)

In order to qualify as a KC, the consignor:

1) Must be a legal entity registered in Singapore

2) Will be required to put up a security programme as part of its registration application which will detail the security measures and procedures across its entire supply chain including the manufacturing, packing, storage and transportation of cargo; or

Possesses any of the following industry-recognised security certificate together with a copy of the assessment checklist and relevant supporting documents:

a. Singapore Customs – Secure Trade Partnership (STP) / Secure Trade Partnership Plus (STP-Plus);

b. Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) – Air Cargo Security Standards Level 1;

c. United States – Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) Tier 2 or Tier 3.


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