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VOYEURISM - the act of taking upskirt photos or videos. Also commonly referred to as ‘peeping-tom’.

Taking upskirt photos or videos is a crime which leaves the victims going through a traumatising experience.

It also includes other acts of observing or recording another person doing a private act without the person’s permission or observing or recording their private body parts without their permission.

These opportunistic crimes can take place anywhere and anytime.



Police would like to share some steps you can take to keep yourself and all our loved ones safe.

  1. Be alert and attentive to your surroundings, especially when you are in a crowded and confined space.

  2. If someone moves uncomfortably close to you (e.g. someone deliberately stands or sits close to you in a bus or MRT), move away if possible.

  3. Consider investing in a shrill alarm for you and your loved ones as they can come in handy to sound for help during emergencies.

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