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As a Singapore Police Force (SPF) Operationally Ready National Service Man (NSman), the following information will be essential and crucial in the remaining of your National Service cycles.

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Overseas Notification

NSmen are strongly encouraged to inform their NS unit of any travels lasting more 6 months

Exit Permit

NSmen travelling overseas for 12 months or longer must apply for an Exit Permit via NS Portal. If the duration of your trip is 12 months or longer and the date of application for your Exit Permit is within 6 months of a scheduled training, you are required to obtain approval from your NS unit prior to applying for your Exit Permit. Note that you must have the relevant supporting document readily available before applying. 

If you have been scheduled for an
NS call-up activity during the period of your overseas trip, you are required to apply for deferment from your NS call-up activity via NS Portal before applying for an Exit Permit or Overseas Notification.

If you are travelling overseas for 1 year or longer, you will be granted disruption upon approval of your Exit Permit.


Under the Enlistment Act, NSmen are liable for NS call-up activities up to a maximum of 40 days annually.

Your Obligations As An NSman

  1. Attend NS call-up activities up to a maximum of 40 days in a Financial Year (April to March)

  2. Be mentally and physical prepared when attending In-Camp Trainings (ICT)

  3. Complete your ORNS cycle when you are still young

  4. Be responsible in maintaining your personal fitness, and attempt to pass your annual IPPT

The types of NS call-up activities (non-exhaustive):

  1. In-Camp Training (ICT)

  2. Upgrading Courses

  3. Mobilisation

  4. Medical Reviews

  5. Seminar/Workplan Briefing

  6. Make-Up Training (MUT)

  7. Re-Training

  8. IPPT

Upon receiving a call-up notice, you are required to acknowledge it. Inform your Employer immediately and maintain contact with your NS buddies in the same unit. You can maintain contact with your NS unit either through your unit’s chain of command or contact NS Call Centre – 1800 3676767 (eNSNSNS).

If you are currently pursuing a local full-time study, you are still subject to NS call-up activities.

If you have not received any notice from your NS unit in the last months, do ensure that your personal particulars are updated, and if you have not been assigned to a unit within 6 months, please contact NS Call Centre 1800 367 6767 (eNSNSNS). If you have been assigned to a particular unit, please contact your NS Unit Manpower Officer.



When mobilised, NSmen are to report in uniform immediately to their Mobilisation Centres with their personal issued equipment.

There are two main types of mobilisation:

Silent Mobilisation

Notification via SMS or telephone (home, office or mobile)

Open Mobilisation


The mass media such as the television and radio, are used to inform NSmen that their units have been mobilised.

When you receive a mobilisation notice, you are required to acknowledge the notification immediately. You should report immediately to your mobilisation centre upon receiving notice that your NS unit has been mobilised.

During mobilisation manning, you should keep your family members informed of your whereabouts; inform them how and where they can contact you to facilitate your speedy mobilisation; and keep your family members informed of your NS unit’s mobilisation code.


You are encouraged to attend the NS call-up activities, especially the In-Camp Trainings, and complete them.

In the case where you are unable to attend your NS call-up activities, you should contact your NS Commander or NS Unit Manpower officer to apply for deferment. The NS Unit Commander may grant deferment on a case-by-case basis. If your application for deferment is successful, you will be called up for Make-Up Training (MUT) within the same Financial Year.


To help NSmen better balance their commitments, the NS Portal contains common e-services that allow NSmen to perform NS transactions anytime at their convenience.

The eSelf-Update system provides a convenient and efficient way for NSmen to update the Home Team on their personal particulars for their operational requirements via the NS Portal. To update changes to your official local residential address, you can go to any Neighbourhood Police Centre or visit the Immigration Checkpoints Authority (ICA). You are required to update your personal particulars within 7 days of official change.


Physical fitness is a requisite for Home Team frontline officers. As an integral part of the Home Team, Home Team NSmen have to be physically fit to contribute to maintaining the safety and security of Singapore. All eligible NSmen are required to attempt and pass their IPPT annually.

If you are a PES A, B or C1 NSman, you are required to take your annual IPPT up till the completion of your ORNS training cycle, or until the ages of 40 and 45 years for Non-Senior Officers and Senior Officers respectively, whichever is earlier. 

Alternatively, you can sign up for the 10-session IPT in place of IPPT. IPT (IPPT Preparatory Training) is a voluntary 10-session programme with Personal Performance Targets (PPTs) designed to facilitate progressive training. Contact your Head PNS for more details, if required.




(1) Completion of Full-time NS

(2) Mid-point of ORNS Cycle (3) Completion of ORNS Cycle Total Quantum


Completion of Full-time NS Completion of 3rd ORNS Cycle
Completion of 10th ORNS Cycle

Mode of Disbursement

$3,000* into PSEA

$3,000* into CPF-OA

$3,000* into CPF-OA $9,000
$2,000 into CPF-MA $2,000 into CPF-MA $2,000 into CPF-MA
Total per milestone $5,000 $5,000 $5,000


*Commanders receive $500 more at each milestone and will receive a total of $16,500 if they meet all three milestones.

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