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Building Security Guidelines and Standards

The Guidelines for Enhancing Building Security in Singapore (GEBSS) is a comprehensive reference guide on building security. The GEBSS aims to provide a menu of good security practices and considerations to help building owners incorporate pragmatic security procedures, physical protection concepts and security technology into their building’s security plans.

PDF icon Download GEBSS

(PDF 6.5 MB)

The Video Surveillance System (VSS) Standard for Buildings provides a set of recommendations in the specifications, installation and operation of VSS for buildings in Singapore. Through this standard, it aims to provide a consistent approach in the adoption of VSS to enhance the overall management of a building’s safety and security. Please note that the VSS Standard (version 2.0) dated March 2022 supersedes the version 1.0 released in 2013.

PDF icon Download VSS Standard for Buildings

(PDF 1.9 MB)

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