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Codes of Practice for Scams and Malicious Cyber Activity Offence Group

The code of practice for countering online scams and malicious cyber activities and its corresponding designated online services are:

1. Code of Practice for Online Communication Services

    Designated Online Services:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Telegram
  4. WeChat
  5. WhatsApp

2. Code of Practice for E-Commerce Services

    Designated Online Services:

  1. Carousell
  2. Facebook Marketplace
  3. Facebook Advertisements 
  4. Facebook Business Pages


Appeal to Minister

Designated online service providers may appeal to the Minister for Home Affairs against a decision to designate an online service, a decision to apply a Code of Practice to them, a requirement in a Code of Practice or a requirement in an Implementation Directive.

Appeal to Minister 


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