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A Commercial Affairs Officer (CAO) conducts enquiries and investigations into major complaints of commercial frauds and abuses, either independently or in a team. CAOs also assist in Criminal Legal Proceedings resulting from the investigations.

The Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) is the principal agency that safeguards Singapore’s integrity as a world-class financial and commercial centre through vigilant and professional enforcement of the laws. It is capable of investigating into a wide spectrum of commercial and financial crimes and is an outfit with its own investigative resources and intelligence in the Singapore Police Force.


A pass degree in Accountancy, Law, Business Administration, Business or Economics

Acceptance of overseas universities for employment in the Civil Service:

There is no central government authority that assesses or accords recognition to degrees for employment purposes. In general, degrees from universities accredited by the home government of the country where the university originates will be considered for appointment into the Public Service. This applies to degrees obtained full-time or part time, through distance-learning or twinning programmes, etc. In addition, for professional qualifications, the degrees obtained from local or foreign institutions must be recognised by the relevant professional bodies in Singapore to be considered for employment into the Public Service.


Appointment Grade Gross Salary Range*  
Commercial Affairs Officer
Grade13 (entry grade)
$3,650 – $4,680

* Appointment grade and starting salary will vary and commensurate according to assessment of the fit of academic qualifications, relevant/useful work experiences and completion of Full-Time National Service


  • Annual vacation leave of 18 days (21 days after 10 years of service)

  • Annual medical leave of 14 days or 60 days with hospitalisation

  • Annual study leave of 12 days (subject to approval)

  • Market-Adjustment Component (MAC) and retention payments

  • Subsidised medical and dental care

  • Use of local and overseas holiday bungalows and chalets

  • Marriage/Child birth benefits

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