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The Outrage of Modesty or Molestation, is a terrifying and traumatizing experience for the victims. These opportunistic crimes may take place anywhere and anytime, as the perpetrators may strike in the cover of a crowd or at secluded places when the victims are alone.



Police would like to share some steps you can take to keep yourself and all our loved ones safe.

  1. Be alert and attentive to your surroundings, especially when you are in a crowded and confined space (i.e. in public entertainment night spots, in lifts, MRT, buses etc.) or alone with a stranger that moves very near to you.

  2. If someone rushes into the lift at the last minute and you are alone, it is safer to step out and take the next one.

  3. If someone is following you, head to a crowded area; if someone moves uncomfortably close to you (e.g. someone deliberately stands or sits close to you in a bus or MRT), move away if possible.

  4. Avoid going out at night alone. If you have to, go out in a group or get someone (parent, close friend) to accompany you.

  5. Avoid letting your young children wander around alone, teach them to be wary and move away from strangers who try to get close to or touch them.

  6. Consider investing in a shrill alarm for you and your loved ones as they can come in handy to sound for help during emergencies.
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